Creative Roots Watermelon Lemonade Flavored Kids Coconut Water Beverage

4.2 5 0 392 392 A childhood favorite – now with a twist that helps your kids stay hydrated! Watermelon Lemonade Creative Roots is made with all natural ingredients, blending lemonade and watermelon flavors with coconut water for great-tasting hydration with 1g of sugar.
Creative Roots Watermelon Lemonade Flavored Kids Coconut Water Beverage


They're just ok
My daughter wasn't the biggest fan of these, she said they tasted just ok. I'm glad that these provide another healthier option in the stores for kids but not sure if we'll purchase again
Air lemonade tembikai campuq ayaq nyoq
Air campuran tembikai dan kelapa untuk mengekalkan kesegaran dan hidrasi tubuh badan. Tapi rasanya agak tidak bersesuaian dengan anak tekak. Rasa pelik sikit. Kuat sangat rasa air kelapa.
Great ingredients
Although I was very happy with the ingredients, I wasn’t very happy with the drink overall. Firstly, just felt like it had a thicker texture than other juices. The flavor was OK. It wasn’t that strong felt like the only way to enjoy it was it had to be very cold.
Coconutty Water
I bought this product for my children and they did not care for it. When I tried it it was very strong coconut flavor with a hint of watermelon. While I understand this is a coconut water product, I expected the flavoring to be stronger.
Mild Flavor
Overall pretty good....flavor is mild and the drink is a nice healthier alternative to a lot of sugar filled juices.
Healthy Drink
I purchase these for my kids lunches for school. I love having a healthier option if they want something besides water. I don't feel guilty giving these to my kids and they enjoy them. The flavor is pretty subtle and the flavor is different than your standard flavors in other brands. The size of them is pretty good as well, it's not too tiny.
My family of four does not like this. It’s watered down with chemicals taste. I wanted to like this I just didn’t. I took the un-open remaining ones to the food pantry l.
Not a fan
My family arent a fan of this drink at all. Tastes gross.
pretty tasty
a pretty good drink alternative, my kids liked the taste
My toddlers choice
0 grams of sugar, tastes great and perfect portion for a toddler. This is my favorite drink to purchase for her and the fact that it’s flavored without any sugar makes it 10 times better! Highly suggest you to buy it for your toddler.
Coconut drink
I personally didn’t care much for it, but if you ask my 10 year old daughter she would tell you otherwise. It’s an ok product so I gave it a 3/5 rating.
Kids like it
Being a mommy of 3 it's wonderful to find something the kids all love and want that is also healthy for them. Creative Roots Watermelon Lemonade Flavored Kids Coconut Water is the best!Beverage
Hydration for little ones
These are a great way to get extra hydration for little ones. There are other hydration products on the market, and they are filled with chemicals. I am glad that there is an option like Creative Roots with no dyes and very minimal sugar. I didn't love the flavor as it didn't taste natural. My little ones did like them though.
Watered down flavor
My local grocery store had these discounted so I tried one. It takes like a very watered down flavor of coconut and the other flavors. Couldn't even distinguish the taste, it was that watered down. It was very disappointing and I had to force myself to finish it. For the original retail price, it isn't worth it. Especially since the bottle size is very small.
Low Sugar Hydration
Creative Roots has some great flavor combos and this one is delicious. I may be an adult, but the little bottles are my fave! Such a great way to get a low-sugar hydration boost when you need more than water.

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