Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa

4.7 5 0 478 478 Thick, chunky and loaded with ripe tomatoes, jalapenos, fiery Habanero peppers and garlic, our TOSTITOS Chunky Habanero Salsa HOT starts off sweet and ends with a slow intense burn that you'll love.
Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa


A Genuine Treat
I'm someone who likes things to be hot/spicy when they advertise themselves that way. To clarify further, that means I don't shy away from heat *nor* am I someone who needs a level of heat that will last 2-3 days before I stop feeling it. This salsa seemed to really hit my spice preference on the head. It has some genuinely nice heat from the habanero peppers. The chunky vegetables as well as the salsa help to hold in that heat and mixes extremely well with the saltiness of the tortilla chips. I really hope this becomes a regular that Tostitos keeps around.
30/04/2024 word.....YUMMMMM!
I love the Tostitos brand!Dips,salsas,chips.Whenever I see a new Tostitos brand I purchase it.This Habanero salsa is scrumptous.We just introduced it to some friends at a get together and they went to the store to get more.It has some "kick" to it,but not over whelming.Try it ,you will love it!
Wonderful product
I love this salsa I buy it every time I see it on the shelf I love spicey food and has an after taste that is so good even my girlfriend who thinks Tabasco sauce is hot helped me eat the entire jar just because it was very tasteful
Perfect kick
We are all about our chips and salsa and the habinareo gives it that perfect spice my family loves.
Love this
I loved this Tostito Habenero Salsa. I dipped my Nachos in it and boy did it make my chips taste awesome! This salsa is spicy but it tastes great and you can put in on just about anything ! Try it youll love it ! I will definitely buy this!
My favorite Tostitos salsa, it's really spicy and chunky which I love. It's the prefect dip for events!
Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa is a new favorite of mine! The combination of chunky tomatoes, spicy habanero peppers, and savory onions creates a flavor explosion that's both bold and delicious. It's perfect for dipping Tostitos chips or adding a kick to your favorite dishes. If you're a fan of spicy foods, I highly recommend giving this salsa a try!
Too spicy
Although the Tostino brand is usually commendable, I strongly believe that Tostino Habanero is excessively spicy. It was a challenging experience to consume as the taste was too overpowering.
Amazing if you love your salsa hot
I love it. It has a kick that I like and I also love chunky salsas!
Salsa time
Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa is a fiery flavor explosion that elevates any snacking experience. From the first dip, the robust combination of tomatoes, onions, and chunks of habanero peppers creates a salsa sensation that is nothing short of addictive.The texture is spot-on—chunky enough to provide a satisfying bite, yet smooth in all the right places. What sets this salsa apart is the perfect balance of heat and flavor. The habanero peppers bring a bold spiciness that tingles the taste buds without overpowering the delicious blend of other ingredients.I appreciate the versatility of this salsa; it's a fantastic accompaniment to tortilla chips, tacos, or as a zesty topping for grilled meats. The jar design is practical, ensuring freshness and easy access to the delectable contents.Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa has secured its place as my go-to salsa for gatherings and solo snacking alike. If you're a fan of bold, spicy flavors with a chunky twist, this salsa is a must-try.
HOT !!!
If you like heat and I mean some heat then you will love this salsa. I must have grabbed the wrong jar and oh man this was way to much heat for my family. But for others that love hot this is your salsa. Just not for my family .
Overall I'm a fan of Tostitos salsa and dips - great stuff. Very flavorful! This one is a bit too hot and spicy for me but my heat loving family lovvve it.
Best Salsa
This is the perfect salsa if you like a little tang of spice. it is delicious and goes with chips and or nachos. I use it on my quesadilla and it is equally as delicious.
Delicious salsa!
If you’re a fan of spicy, you’ll love this salsa. It has an amazing flavor and the perfect thickness. I enjoyed eating this salsa during our taco nights or just as a snack with some tortilla chips. Yum!
Great for party hors d'oeuvres
Something simple to spice things up. I've brought this to several gathering. I highly recommend it be served with Tostito's Scoop chips. Children love it when I mix it with Philadelphia cream cheese because it takes away some of the spice and leaves it much creamier.

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