Starburst Assorted Fruit Flavors Candy Canes

4.7 5 0 26 26 Get ready for a delicious holiday season with STARBURST Candy Canes. These colorful candy canes come with the same big, bold and fruity flavors you know and love from STARBURST, including green apple, lemon and strawberry. STARBURST candy canes are great for stocking stuffers or holiday parties. Thanks for trying our candy canes!
Starburst Assorted Fruit Flavors Candy Canes


No More Candy Canes Left On The Tree
Starburst Assorted Candy Canes. Spunk up your holiday season with these classic striped candy canes filled with fabulous fruity flavors. Lemon, Green Apple & Strawberry. Perfect way to make you tree and gifts more colorful and flavorful. Great for stocking stuffers, party favors and hanging on the tree. No More candy canes left hanging on the tree.
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Nice alternative to peppermint
These canes were great. I always search out new and fun cane alternatives each Xmas. (Peppermint is getting old these days, lol)We have tried many of the candy brands’ version and they, like these, did not disappoint. Red is always our fav Starburst flavor and that sentiment translated to the canes as well. If your family Loves Starburst, I’m confident they’ll love these colorful Xmas treats from the same company! My only wish is that they made All of the Starbursr flavors into canes -that would be a 5 star review, ;)
Fun twist on an original
What a fun twist on a favorite, starburst in hard candy form and better yet, it's a candy cane! Strawberry was the household favorite but all were very good.
Love them
These are the cutest and tastiest candy canes. I love all the different colors. They really do taste like the chewy starburst candy but in candy cane form. Kids seem to love them too.
A Burst of Fruit Flavor
Starburst Assorted Fruit Flavors Candy Canes bring a delightful twist to the classic holiday treat, offering a burst of fruity goodness in every bite. These candy canes combine the iconic flavors of Starburst candies with the festive tradition of candy canes, creating a unique and irresistible confection that is sure to delight candy lovers of all ages.
Unique Christmas Treat
I wanted something a little different to pass out around the holidays at work. The different flavored candy canes seemed perfect. I absolutely love these flavors and ran out of a couple boxes of these. Everyone loved them!
Better than original!
I don't know anyone that really enjoys the classic peppermint candy cane, but this is such a delicious spin-off and everyone loves them. This is my favorite flavor them all.
Tastes like original
These starburst candy canes will be great on my Christmas tree and they will taste good as well. Bright and colorful. They also taste just like the original candy, so definitely recommend.
Very tasty but a little too sweet
It's very good but leans on the too sweet side. I love my sweets but this was pushing it. The flavor is delicious though! I would recommend others to try if they love candy but it's just not for me unfortunately.
Excellent Combination
Perfect twist on a candy cane. Same great starburst flavor in hard candy form. I loved the long last flavor vs. The soft candy. I don't think they could get any better. I would definitely recommend
mouth watering
These starbursts candy canes are some of THE best candy canes! the flavors literally make your mouth water! my favorite has to be… all of them!
Yall run and grab these! All the good flavors you love. I can't keep them on my tree!! They taste amazing
Starburst mixed flavors
Tried the Green Apple, lemon and strawberry flavors. They actually taste delicious and have the real flavors. Shared with grand daughter. She enjoyed them too! Will definitely buy again.
These are a great addition next to a bow for birthday gift or Christmas gift in December. Tasty. Enough to share. Glove box worthy in the Winter. I have purchased six packs at once. A favorite. Smiles
By far my favorite so far
I love me some candy canes and these are so far my favorite especially the apple and strawberry ones, lemon I can take or leave those.

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