SoCozy Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner & Body Wash with Vitamin B5 & Kiwi Extract

4.8 5 0 12 12 This 3-in-1 gently cleans and conditions hair while special body cleansers scrub away dirt and grime. Clean, condition, and nurture hair to maintain the look and feel of salon quality hair while cleansing your little one’s skin with no mess or fuss. Key ingredients like plant extracts and hydrating proteins give silky shine. Kiwi Extract conditions, moisturizes, and softens while Soy Protein stimulates scalp and adds shine and Keratin strengthens, protects, and soothes.
SoCozy Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner & Body Wash with Vitamin B5 & Kiwi Extract


Softness Overload
This product is amazing!! I usually steer clear from any products that are 2 in 1..3 in 1..anything like that. This product was way better than expected...and our skin was soooo soft for days...
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SoCozy Kids 3-in-1
I love the smell of this SoCozy Kids 3-in-1; shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It has vitamin B5 & kiwi extract in it. The SoCozy Kids 3-in-1 leaves my children’s hair so soft which makes it easier to brush out. This 3-in-1 also leaves their hair looking shiny and vibrant. I also think it adds volume to their hair. It is great for making bubble baths too and has a really nice lather.
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Just Lovely
After using this product on my child and her enjoying the smell it put threw out the bathroom. She referred to it as wild and tropical!It suds up very well with a small amount used. made hair soft,silky,and smooth!
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Love this product
This is such a great product! I absolutely loved trying it with my youngest son. We even did a little bit and the bathtub for bubbles! Very cool! I definitely recommend this if you haven’t tried it already
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Kids loved it!
Using the three in one shampoo on my children was easy. It’s great having something though cleaning from head to toe in one bottle. No tears. It really clean the dirt out of her hair and oilness. Love the scent of Keewee smells so good. Use that as a body wash and got all the dirt and grime off the kids really easy.
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In love!
This has such a delicious citrus and mango scent that made me fall in love immediately. And if that wasn’t enough, I guarantee you that this will leave your kid’s hair and body cleaner than ever without harsh chemicals that will mess with your kid’s skin and hair. It is plant based also, so you can be completely sure that this is super safe for your little one’s sensitive skin and why not, yours too! I’m so grateful for being able to test this. I will definitely keep buying this.
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3 in 1 body wash
This three in one body wash for kids worked great. They enjoyed using it and said that they like the fragrance as well. I will definitely be buying this product in the future.
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Smells Great & Leavy Hair So Soft
My son's hair is usually a little dull. He's been testing this. First of all, I can smell it from the outside of the shower. The scent stays with him as well. It smells so nice. Second, it's usually dry. Not with this. His hair is shiny with a lot of body to it. It also makes him smell really nice and leaves his skin moisturized.
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My 4-year-old has curly hair, and we have been using this product since she was two. She has always had long hair, and it grows crazy fast! This keeps her hair soft and her curls bouncy. It smells great and is so easy to apply in the bath. When I don't have time for shampoo & conditioner, we always use this 3-in-1 product! I literally stay stocked up on this product!
Kid at heart
I'm not a kid but I have filled, things hair so i gave this a try. It smells really good but the product left my hair feeling dirty. I won't be using it again.
Smooth hair
I love their product line from their body/shampoo to their lice product. It always leaves my children's hair soft, smooth and looking clean. It works on different types of hair styles... straight, thick and curly. Another thing I love about it, is that it doesn't have a lot of the chemicals that majority of the adults shampoos have.
Amazing product!
I received So Cozy Kids 3 in 1 shampoo conditioner wash from home tester club for my kids to try. All four of my kids showered with this product from head to toe several times. My kids absolutely loved this product! It is an amazing product! It definitely moisturized my 7 year old's curly hair. It smells amazing and makes your hair and body feel very soft and moisturized. My kids have requested me to buy more. I definitely recommend this product!

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