Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup

4.7 5 0 162 162 This Philips Avent Natural Trainer sippy cup makes it easy for babies 4+ months to transition from bottle to cup. That's because it comes with both a fast flow Natural nipple and a soft silicone spout, giving you the flexibility to start with the former and graduate to the latter when baby is ready. Detachable trainer handles make the cup easy for little hands to hold, encouraging independent drinking. The Natural Trainer sippy cup comes with a protective cap to keep the nipple, spout and contents of the cup clean. All pieces are dishwasher safe and are made of a BPA-free material. What's in the box: My Natural Trainer Cup, Spout, Fast Flow Natural bottle Nipple
Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup


Great Trainer Cup!
We picked one of these trainer cups up at our local Publix. I thought that it was so cool that we could attach the handles to his existing Avent bottles. Although they do fit on the larger bottles it seemed awkward and heavy for our son to tip the bottle so we stuck to the bottle it came with which is 5oz. Super compactable too was able to fit in his diaper bag without taking up much space.
My son really could not suck out any formula out of this nipple. He was entirely formula fed from day 1 and I guess he is just not used to making any effort to get formula out of this bottle. The nipple is also too big and it might try to simulate the breast. This product could be a good transition for babies that were breastfed predominantly but probably not a good idea for formula babies.
Just ok
We were big fans of the avent baby bottles so used this as a transition but they were just ok in comparison. My baby preferred other cups and tops than these. Overall not bad maybe just a preference thing
Super easy transition cup
I absolutely love the Philips AVENT Natural Trainer Sippy Cup! It has been a fantastic tool in helping my child transition from a bottle to using regular cups. The spout is designed to be similar to a bottle, so it was a comfortable and familiar transition for my little one. One of the best features of this sippy cup is how easy it is to clean. The nipple and handles can be removed and the cup itself is dishwasher safe, so it's a breeze to keep it hygienic. I also love that the handles on the cup allow my child to be more independent. They can easily carry it around and hold it themselves. Overall, I highly recommend the Philips AVENT Natural Trainer Sippy Cup to anyone looking for an effective and easy-to-use tool to help their child transition from a bottle to a cup.
Great bottle
I really like using this brand of sippy cup and bottle. The wide opening makes it easy to clean and it is easy to hold but I have had issues in the past with the nipples not functioning.
Easy for Little Ones to Use
The Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup is working Great for my little one. The handles are removable and the cup is small enough for their little hands to hold onto. She stills wants to bottle too but she's liking this and I thinks it's going to help use get off the bottle much quicker. I Love it. I can recommend it.
good product
its a good bottle and transition cup, its size only fits its brand, but it is very good and easy to clean
Helps keep the gas out of little one's belly. Mess stays to minimum.
One of the best
I really like this product i will get it again is high quality and good price is the best for the moms
Avent bottles have always been an excellent choice in brand. When my son was born 7 years ago he absolutely loved these brand. Now my daughter does as well. And will only deink from these.
Avent Bottles Forever!
I used Avent bottles with all of my boys. This training cup is amazing, because it teaches the kiddos how to tilt the cup and offers an easier way to transition into using a big kid cup. We used these forever. The only knock I have is that they don't fit in cupholders with the handles added on.
Working at my previous daycare job my room had a cabinet that was for bottles and formula and many foods. One of the parents had bought this for their baby and this actually does wonders and the infant doesn't have to worry about spilling and it dropping everywhere, those lids are great and durable.
Best transitional cup
I love this Philips bottle/sippy cup. It is amazing! My baby enjoys drinking from it and it encourages him to grab it on his own. The bottle is strong and durable. Great bottle for babies beginning to tradition to a cup
I the pleasure of babysitting for a few of my friends, these bottles are absolutely wonderful when they first start to hold their bottle themselves. I wouldn't suggest any other brand.
Great learning option!
We are big fans of the Philips Avent bottles. When my little man started BLW we decided to get him this bottle to try and teach him how to drink out of a sippy cup. He loves being able to hold onto the bottle himself. The sippy cup portion doesn't leak like others on the market. It's nice that it's so easy for little hands to hold onto! I highly recommend!

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