Nestle - Vanilla Sandwiches

4.7 5 0 109 109 A layer of rich, creamy artificially flavored vanilla between two chocolatey wafers. A lip-smackin’, finger-lickin’ favorite.
Nestle - Vanilla Sandwiches


Good old ice cream sandwiches
Such a classic ice cream novelty. Tastes delicious and creamy.
These are a must try
If you havent yet tried I believe you need to give them a try. I love how creamy the vanilla is and the chocolate wafers are so soft and have a great flavor to them also. These are perfect to eat this summer or even during the winter lol. Great to buy for the family. They only lasted half a day in my house.
Best ice cream sandwich
This is by far the best ice cream sandwich in my opinion. Always fresh tasting and delicious. I usually go for the cheaper store brand foods but whenever I go to purchase these, I always choose the brand name, nestle.
These are sooo delicious! I could eat the whole box. One is perfect snack though. I love the sweet vanilla with the rich chocolate cookie. Kind of messy but that's part of it! I'd recommend
A favorite cold snack
I love ice cream sandwiches. Usually buy a box once a month. I like the creamy vanilla ice cream in between 2 chocolate wafers. It's great for a cool treat. Yes I would recommend.
Satisfying indulgence
The vanilla ice cream is rich and smooth, while the cookies provide just the right amount of crunch and chocolatey goodness.
This brings me back to my childhood when I was obsessed with vanilla sandwiches. Perfect for any weather, any day. A good amount of sweetness and the way the chocolate wafers compliments the vanilla is oh-so-good! I love eating these and always have to fight the urge to eat another!
Classic treat
This is the classic boardwalk treat for ice cream. They will always be one of my favorites!
Great snacks
I have one most summer nights! It’s so delicious and an easy go to snacks! The perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla! It’s a must have and tastes great! Will definetly recommend it!
Summer dayss
Can never go wrong with this summer treat. Sticking in your teeth just long enough to enjoy the flavor a little bit longer. Treat yo self
lacks milk flavour
Nestle's vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwich lacks real milk flavour. It is not rich and creamy. I find the vanilla ice cream tastes bland. Klondike's ice cream sandwich is much, much tastier.
One of the best sandwiches
I have loved these since I was a kid They have a great taste. A great combo, vanilla ice cream with a chocolate outing. I enjoy these anytime!!!!
This is my go-to everytime im craving some ice cream. The chocolate patties are soft and so good and the vanilla ice cream taste amazing with it!
I love how smooth and sweet this is it satisfy my sweet tooth cravings
Rich and creamy
I use these vanilla sandwich ice cream bars to make a ice cream birthday cake. They did not crumble like other brands, and stayed intact when in a warmer environment. I drove my frozen vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich birthday cake an hour and a half away and just in a regular cooler they stayed together. The flavor was rich and creamy while maintaining freshness.

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