Bomb Pop Original (Cherry Lime Blue Raspberry) Frozen Bars

4.9 5 0 1346 1346 With three flavors on one stick, the iconic red, white, and blue Original Bomb Pop is truly not one thing. America’s favorite ice pop features flavors of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry – all in the famous rocket shape that tweens everywhere know and love! So make new memories this summer with the original rocket shaped sweet treat featuring the satisfying soft-bite texture you know and love. Perfect as a refreshing treat after a hot day or as a tasty reminder of summer fun.
Bomb Pop Original (Cherry Lime Blue Raspberry) Frozen Bars


Summer classic
My kids have loved eating these through their toddlers years to their teenage years. Good flavors and good size.
Tasty & Refreshing
These bomb pops take me back to my childhood days. I can still remember the ice cream truck coming down the street and running outside with so much excitement because I knew he always had these bomb pops in stock. They were our favorite ice cream and they were the perfect treat to beat the heat during hot summer days. So yummy and so refreshing. We loved the combined flavors, each as delicious as the others. These days even my grandchildren love them. You can’t go wrong with these yummy ice cream bombs.
Nostalgic taste of summer
These popsicles take me back to my childhood. They are so yummy. Such a classic, delicious frozen treat. Recommend to anyone looking to cool off with a fun treat.
Amazing summer treat!
Me and my kids love these popsicles not only on a hot summer day but all year! This will forever be me and my kids go to, the different flavors are amazing and go together well!
These are my favorite popsicles, very good on a hot day
Loved by many
These are a summer stable for all the children in our family.
Bomb pops
I love bomb pops more then the kids do they taste great and are wonderful for a hit day
A perfect summer treat
These are one of the most iconic ice pops of all time. They have a nice mix of flavors, and the color scheme make them perfect for summer celebrations like a 4th of July cookout.
Da’ Bomb pop
These pops are as tasty and refreshing as they were 20 years ago. It’s almost nostalgic when I tear they wrapping off and get instant flavor of my childhood
Summer favorite !
My kids love these !!!! We always have these in our freezer not just for the summer but all year round ! But during the summer!
reliving my childhood
I can remember these when i was a kid, which i have long passed now! So i was excited to see them in the store although they have proably been there a while but i just noticed them! LOVE the red, white and blue colors and the flavors of cherry, lime and blue raspberry are perfect. Will definitely have these for the 4th of July ! Nothing better than sitting on the curb eating these and having the drips down the arm and the sticky fingers. Aaahhh yes, the good old days.
Nostalgia Anyone?
I love these red, white and blue pops! The Bomb Pops were a go-to when I was little and they are still da bomb. They are a bit more expensive now since my parents were buying them for my brother and I, but I still love them. I like the tri-flavor and they all mix together well too. As they melt a little they are super easy to eat and perfect for this crazy warm weather that is around now.
Great for cooling off
Love these, they're great for cooling off in this summer heat. My children love them also.
Great taste
Iused to eat these as a kid and I loved the flavors in the popsicle. It had a great taste to it. The variety of flavors in the popsicle. Great the way it is no changes. Yes I would recommend it.
It's a popsicle.
I tried these a few times as I'm not fond of popsicles usually without them really tasting good to me. It's normal popsicle flavors put together separately and the middle part is a bit too sour. I think it would've tasted better if they mixed the three flavors together without really combining them as it maybe would've balanced the tartness and sweetness.

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