Nerds Tangy Candy Canes

4.8 5 0 255 255 12 Nerds, Tangy Candy Canes including totally tropical punch & road rash raspberry, what-A-Melon & so very cherry, and gotta-have grape & seriously strawberry flavorss Nerds Tangy Christmas Candy Canes, 5.3oz
Nerds Tangy Candy Canes


Sour is fun
This brand is one of the favorites at home. for birthdays, a snack or just a treat, although the acidic thing stirs up all my senses, it's fun
Candy canes
Love to stock up on candy canes during the holidays. Nerds is one of our favorite flavors! Decorating the tree with them, kids always go find the needs flavor first.
Gets sticky
When it spends a lot of time near the lights , and the heat is on, they get sticky and the colors melt together. However the flavors were always great and the kids were so excited to have them.
Nerds candy canes
I love these. I love nerds and candy canes so why not add the two together and create something amazing. They don’t last long in our house, taste too good.
Sharp and sweet
My husband loves these. Tart but full of flavor. I can't wait for the grand kids to try. We are gonna hang them on the tree this Christmas.
These are so tart that I can’t eat them. My nephew likes them. I do not buy them.
Love the taste
like the variety of flavors family keeps asking for more
Love these!
I love these they are so tangey and so tart and just a fun candy to have
These are amazing
We pass out candy canes to visitors of our Christmas display. We bought these last year and they were a huge hit. Both kids and adults liked them. I loved them also. Will definitely be adding them to my stockpile
Great for holidays
Nerds Tangy Candy Canes are a fun and delicious treat that add a burst of flavor to the holiday season. The candy canes feature a tangy and sweet Nerds candy coating, adding a unique twist to a classic holiday treat. Overall, a great product that is perfect for adding some fun to the holiday season.
Fun colors
Nerds tangy candy canes are fun colors for the tree. My kids love the tangy taste so I always have to add a few box’s to the Christmas tree. Nerds is a trustful brand so yes I would recommend.
They are very good and fruity flavor it's a nice touch of sweet and sour
Fun and yummy
These candy canes are delicious. It’s fun to have other flavors besides just the traditional flavor. We like to hang the candy canes on our Christmas tree every year. A great treat for all.
Very delicious candy canes!
These nerds candy canes are absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend them, and they're great stocking stuffers or for a nice sweet treat! Each flavor tastes great to me! and they're individually wrapped!
Taste great
Tastes great and is so yummy love to put them on the tree

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