Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Poppers Chocolatey 7.1 oz

4.6 5 0 470 470 Bite-sized, Rice Krispies Treats covered in a decadent chocolatey coating; A poppable dessert snack for any occasion; Perfect for chocolate lovers
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Poppers Chocolatey 7.1 oz


Original and tasty
New take on a classic treat. I find these to be a great ratio of chocolate to rice crispy. I just wish there were more in the bag. Really great snack and great to share with guests.
Love it!
I’ve only tried this one time. I absolutely loved them. I like to have them as an afternoon snack. I have tried the birthday cake flavor too. They are even better. You’ve got to try them. Yum.
I love these so much and they are kind of hard to find sometimes. They are soooo good. My kids try to eat them all before I get a chance to eat one. can't go wrong with chocolate and rice crispy
Something to snack on....
Let's start out with I'm not a big rice krispies fan - I can take them or leave them. When I saw these I thought this was the step up to make them more enjoyable for me - to share with friends who are already big fans of the snack. They're ok, a little messy - if they're out I'd take one and eat it, but I wouldn't go looking for them. If you like the treats normally, you might enjoy these. It just didn't do it for me.
Bite sized
I love rice krispy treats in all variations, but chocolate pairs with them the best. If you do not eat them all in one sitting it is nice to know you have some to go back to, unlike a normal rice krispy treat. The bite sized pieces are great for sharing.
Yummy! My daughter and i both like these. Would definitely recommend.
I never thought that chocolate covered rice krispys would taste so good but these are delicious. I love how they are in bite size pieces so you can eat them when your out and about.
Love the chocolate flavor
I tried these one day when my grandma bought them, Didn't really know what to expect but I actually liked them, There good to have as a snack. And I love tasting the chocolate on them kind of melt in your mouth... I haven't noticed if there in gas stations or not but if I do see them I would definitely buy them!
The perfect snack!
These have quickly become my favorite snack. I love Rice Krispies and chocolate, so when I saw this product on the shelves, I couldn’t wait to try it! I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were! I will definitely be purchasing these in the future:)
Theses are the perfect size to enjoy a Quick Treat the chocolate and snap crackle pop goes well together
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Poppers are so good that you cannot just eat one
I bought these last week at a gas station next door to my work at 2am as an EXTREMELY late night snack on my break. My xo worker kept racing about them, and let me tell you....these are so delicious!! The perfect size, crunch, sweetness, yumminess! I am BEGGING you to give it a will find yourself eating the entire bag! GO FOR IT. YOU DESERVE IT!
Delicious Rice Crispy Treats
Delicious Rice Crispy Treats. Great Chocolatey Taste! Snap Crackle Poppers area great snack!
we adore these and theyre tasty. we already like the original treats but when they added chocolate to it, it made it all the more better. it satisfies our chocolate fix and rice krispies feel too
Good in theory
Theoretically these are great but in actuality the taste isn't great. You're probably better off just making them yourself.

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