Hawaiian Punch Assorted Flavor Candy Canes

4.6 5 0 43 43 Experience a taste of tropical paradise with Hawaiian Punch Candy Canes! Indulge in the sweet flavor that will transport you straight to sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. From the first lick to the final crunch, these irresistible candy canes deliver a wave of tropical bliss that will have everyone reaching for seconds. Thanks for trying our candy canes!
Hawaiian Punch Assorted Flavor Candy Canes


The taste is ok
These candy cane's has a ok taste to them. Different taste than the peppermint candy cane's for sure. The flavors are good.
I love these! Tastes so good and perfect size. Definitely buying again
love these
I love these so much. I even order them on amazon when it is not christmas because they are that good. my kids like them as well.
Tastes like the drink
These Hawaiian fruit punch flavored candy canes are bright colored and look great on the Christmas tree. Take one down and you will enjoy a candy treat that tastes just like a fruit punch soda.
Candy Cane but better
A delicious and fruit taste on the winter classic.
Better Options
I don't know why everything has to come in a candy cane form, but this is another one that isn't really necessary. I would rather these come in just a lozenge or small candy as the flavor is nice. I do like the irony of this Hawaiian Punch associated with a wintery candy shaped treat - makes me smile.
So yummy
They are full of flavor and keeps the flavor. Dont turn nasty.
The flavor in these candy canes is delicious! They didn't last long on my Christmas tree!
Tons of sweet flavor combined with a pinch of sour tart!
Kids loved it!
My kids loved the flavors! Usually they would turn away from other types of candy canes but I couldn’t keep these on my shelves at home!
Sweet but not too sweet
They literally just tasted like the actual juice. Sweet but not too sweet. Lasted as long as any other candy cane would (in this case, it was too short!) definitely throwing out the peppermint ones and buying these regularly!
Fun and flavorful candy canes
These are so fun to add to your Christmas tree or hand out as a surprise treat!
Candy Canes
These taste really good. They taste just like they're supposed to.
I loved these they were so good, i will definitely be. uying
These are great tasting
The Hawaiian candy canes are so good, taste just like the sodas.

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