Foot Massager Machine for Foot Ankle Calf with 12 PCS 3D Massage Balls Kneading and Rolling Shiatsu Foot Bath Heat Therapy Massager

5 5 0 5 5 Features: 1. Built-in 12pcs 3D massage balls in total will provide life-simulation kneading and rubbing experience to effectively relieve suffering pain and aches, release stress and pressure from foot, calf, ankle and leg muscle. 2. Smart hot compress function can promote the blood circulation and activate the cells activities to achieve better stimulation effect and heating therapy, and when combined with uniform pressure and constant support, it will easily help you relax and get rid of body fatigue after all days working or long time standing. 3. Easy button control, quick to power on/off, switch rotation directions, adjust different levels and start hot compress function according to your demand for custom enjoyment. 4. Great quality PU leather and elastic sponge, easily deliver skin-friendly and comfortable touch feelings for all season enjoyment. 5. Support timer function for less power consumption, it will also automatically shut off after 15 minutes working, energy saving and eco-friendly. 6. Over-heat protection will further enhance the using safety for longer working life, it will automatically shut off to avoid getting overheat. 7. Portable and lightweight design, you can conveniently access relaxing massage no matter when you are taking a nap at home, in your office or even during your travel.
Foot Massager Machine for Foot Ankle Calf with 12 PCS 3D Massage Balls Kneading and Rolling Shiatsu Foot Bath Heat Therapy Massager


What works better during flu season ladies?! (Husbands listen up!) THIS works great great along with plenty of water, liquid IV, and soup to get you over those nasty colds. I keep this on hand and use it at the first signs of a cold and the flu. I mean why not relax when you’re sick! I would recommend this brand to anyone!
Such relief
This foot massager Machine for foot ankle or calf has rolling shiatsu and heat therapy massage for the ultimate in foot pain relief. After using this my feet and calves feel so relaxed.
Best product ever
I am in love with this product because it works wonders on my sore and achy feet. After being on my feet all day I know I can come home and use this product and it instantly perks me up. The heat is a nice added function and it doesn't massage to hard like others
Amazing product, worth every penny. It does an amazing job and I would buy again but there is no need too.
Very relaxing
This is all you need after a long day at work or after a tiring shopping trip. It massages feet well. Love the various setting and specially the kneading feature. Best investment ever. Definitely recommend.

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