Dum Dums Assorted Flavors Candy Canes

4.6 5 0 11 11 Eye popping stripes combined with famous Dum-Dums flavors will delight the candy lovers on your Christmas list. Stocking stuffers, tree trimmers or fun treats at holiday celebrations are great ways to share Dum-Dums Candy Canes. Thanks for trying our candy canes!
Dum Dums Assorted Flavors Candy Canes


No dummy when it comes to flavor
The free sample of Dum Dums asstd flavored candy canes I got in the mail was a big hit in my house. My daughter was having a sleepover so we included these in the goodie bags. The girls just loved the flavors and some of them even asked their mom to get them some. I will be stocking up on these for all the future events that require goodies. These are a winner which makes me no dummy
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These Dum Dum candy canes have bright colored stripes on them and they taste exactly like your fun Dum Dum suckers do. I cannot wait to pick up another box of these this Christmas.
Dum Dum Yum!
these instantly take me back to when I was a child. They each have savory flavors and last just long enough for a small sweet escape break. I love to keep these in my office, and of course we keep a jar on the counter at home.
Me gustan estos dulces
Me gustan estos dulces deliciosos los volvería a comprar
I like this candy. I bought one package and I ate all of them.
Yes please
I mean how could this not take you back to your child hood. If I can get my hands on more od these I will pass out these for Halloween. They are so much fun and the flavors are so awesome.
Bursting With Flavor
MMy Moms Loves Dum Dums pops, She Loves All The Flavors, So I Bought Her These Dum Dums Value Pack Of Candy Canes And She Fell In Love With Them, Mind You She Has False Teeth And Chewing These Or The Dum Dums pops And They Stick To Her Dntures But The Candy Cane Ones All She Has To Do Is Suck On Them Same With Their Pops
Just okay
The flavor was just okay. Nothing spectacular, but a nice fun snack for kids.
These are one of my favorite types of candy canes as peppermint gets to be too much sometimes! You could literally eat a ton of these, which might not be the best, but they remind you of the lollypops!
Fun picks
Yummy our favorite ones on the tree, the kids always pick them out.
So yum these are my fav candy canes, sooooooo good

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