B.Tan I Want the Darkest Tan Possible Tanning Mousse

4.6 5 0 188 188 I want the darkest tan possible 1 hour self-tan mousse! Let’s cut to the chase, we know you want to b.tan. We know you want to look hot, ready for those Instagram selfies. So, we won’t waffle about the amazing dark results, the name pretty much says it all. Just use this product and have an awesome dark tan instantly.
B.Tan I Want the Darkest Tan Possible Tanning  Mousse


Super tan
This provided exactly what I needed before a trip. I wanted some color quick and didn’t have time to get a spray tan. Applied product and seen results in a reasonable amount of time.
Works great
No staining get as little or os dark as you want dies not smell bad
I love this tanner. I bought it once as to try as an alternative to my many other drugstore fake tanners. I find that every drugstore tanner leaves an orange hue and takes forever to process. “ B. Tan, I Want The Darkest Tan Possible” however, has green undertones which leave you with a beautiful golden brown tan. The best part is, this tanner takes only one hour to process. If you leave it on longer it does get darker. I never have streaks and once you rinse, the minimal smell is completely gone. I have repurchased 5 times since.
Must have!!
As someone who lives in the Midwest, we only get that sun kissed tan June through August. This is my go-to product to carry on my tan throughout the rest of the seasons! It does not streak and smells so good!!
So natural looking!
I absolutely love this. Its become my go to and holy grail tanning product this year! Its absorbs into skin easy and evenly. Doesn't leave patchy spots and looks so natural! It has a pleasant scent but it isn't overpowering. Also easy to reapply when original tan starts to fade! Highly recommend!
This is my far one of the best self tanners I've ever used and I've used quite a few of them. It leaves a deep dark tan, without leaving streaks all over your body or leaving it Orange. Of course, as long as you put it on correctly and don't put too much on your elbows knees ankles etc. Perfect for date night and your little black dress!
Only lasts about 3 days
I wish it would turn darker and last longer than a few days. I can put on 2 layers and leave it all night but barely get any color.
Perfect sun kissed glow
I used this for the first time today. This goes on smoothly and even so no cakes or blotchy spots. The green undertones prevent from Turing orange and simply bronze the skin. I love this and will be using agian.
Not bad
I got this product and got a too dark of color. That being said, it goes on well depending on how you apply it or shall I say with what you use to apply it with. I suggest getting the glove they recommend. I have large pores and it did enhance them. Maybe because it was too dark? All in all I would recommend this product.
Best tanner
I love this!! If I could give it 100 stars I would. Gives such beautiful color.
The Best!
This is my absolute favorite self tanner. I love the way that it develops and gives a deep dark tan instead of turning me orange. This very gradually disappears. I have recommended this time and time again!
My go to self tanner
I’ve tried so, so many self tanners and this is by far my favorite. There are brown/green undertones when putting it on versus the orange of others. This results in a much more natural looking tan instead of the fake orange. I look ridiculous when I put it on but the end results are well worth it.
I prefer this over the more $$$ brands!
I absolutely prefer this sunless tanner over the more expensive brands. It is super easy to apply with a mitt and the color is spectacular. I generally put it on before bed and wash it off in the morning. Obviously I recommend either wearing loose clothing to cover where I have applied it or I will put dark sheets on the bed for the night to prevent staining. The color is good and rich and not orange like many other sunless tanners and it definitely isn't streaky. I definitely recommend exfoliating really well before applying it. Trust me it makes a difference it the appearance and longevity of the color. I did notice that it does dry my skin out a bit overnight but most sunless tanners do. The only other downside is that it definitely leaves behind that usual sunless tanner smell for a day or so even after washing off the initial application. Pros far outweigh the cons.
My go to tanner!
This product is my go to for self tanners and I consider myself very experienced with these products since I am always trying new products because no self tanner has really impressed me until this one. The fact that this product has no scent was a huge plus for me. I can’t stand that underlying smell that most tanning products have. Also this product was virtually streak free and left a beautiful glow. I would recommend this product most defiantly and will be buying again!
If you're looking for an easy, beginner friendly and affordable self tanner this is the one for you! I apply it with a mitten and it looks great every time. Easily building too.

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