B.Tan I Want the Darkest Tan Possible Tanning Mousse

4.6 5 0 248 248 I want the darkest tan possible 1 hour self-tan mousse! Let’s cut to the chase, we know you want to b.tan. We know you want to look hot, ready for those Instagram selfies. So, we won’t waffle about the amazing dark results, the name pretty much says it all. Just use this product and have an awesome dark tan instantly.
B.Tan I Want the Darkest Tan Possible Tanning  Mousse


Can’t beat it for the price
I am a self tanning guru at this point. I have tried every tanner possible. This is a great one for the price. It doesn’t last forever but reapplying is super easy with the tinted foam. It has a smooth streak free finish and not orange.
Natural streak-free tan
I’ve been using this self tanner for 2 years now. Ever since I saw it recommended by Madison from southern charm! It barely has any smell at all. I wear a light layer under my makeup to give my face a natural glow. It applies smoothly and is easy to tell when it’s fully rubbed in. I also like that it’s buildable , and bonus points for not staining my clothes.
Really Great Tan for the Price
This self tanner was shockingly amazing. The coverage was easy to apply evenly and the tan was truly a tan color with no orange tint. My only issue with this product is dry time. And its tendency to rub off on sheets and clothing during night time wear. But for the price you have to take the wins with a few loses. Overall I think for the price it’s a great product.
I liked this product it went on smoothly. It doesn’t smell. It doesn’t leave me streaked after applying. Only mistake I made was leaving it on too long. Lol I would recommend this to anyone who wants a tan without going to a sunbed.
Way better tanning products on the marke
This was a huge let down. The color payoff isn't great and it usually comes out incredibly streaky even when applied with a mitt or glove. The smell is also horrible and lingers for days. No amount of showers and scrubbing can get the scent to go away.
No Joke! Very dark tan
Okay so I use this all the time and absolutely love it the tan is realistic and less for a long time also they have cool and warm tones to fit your needs there are several different kinds and they are all very good to fit your skin tone would very much recommend best for the money
Maybe it was the mousse part....
Maybe it was my lack of experience with the mousse version and not the spray I'm use to but this product didn't do it for me. I wasn't as dark as I wanted or even close.
Italian skin approved
I'm always looking for ways to hit my "peak" August tan in the middle of winter. As someone with that olive Italian skin, this product worked like a charm. I've tried self tanners that just turn my skin orange, but this stuff left no streaks, smelled great, and was easy to apply leaving my skin with natural looking color.
Tanning lotion/foam
Tried it and I must say it works amazing! I have pale white skin and it’s so hard for me to tan but with this foam tanning product I have a beautiful dark tan. No streaks either!! Love it!
Perfectly sun kissed
I was a bit skeptical about yet another tanner, leaving the orange and streaky. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one. There was no chemical smell and it went on streak free and was not orange at all. I would definitely recommend getting the mitt to help with the even coverage, and to save your hands from getting stained too dark, I also liked the fact that it was not sticky at all definitely my go to Tanner for the winter months when I turn, pasty white!
Best tan
I’ve tried many different brands and types of self tanners. This one is one of my favorites for its value and quality. The tan is the perfect golden shade and does not go on with streaks.
Streak free
This is by far my favorite brand for sunless tanner. Within a hour I can look like I've beeñ at the beach for a week lol. I also like the fact that I don't get streaks with this brand . All even tan .
I’ve tried many of self tanners. I have to say this is the best I’ve ever used. No orange color. No bad smell. No streaking. All around nice even dark tan!
I love it!
I stopped using tanning beds to achieve my tan goals this has really helped me I use a mitt to apply and it gives u a pretty tan glow
Best sunless tan ever
Love how b.tan works and provides undertones that neutralize the tan on any skin without turning orange. It goes on easily it has an application color so you can see where you are putting it and after an hour you shower and have a beautiful tan. You can leave it on for up to 4 hours for extra dark color too. There's no gross feel or smell, it dries very quickly and doesn't get on your clothes . Definitely my favorite sunless tanner.

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