B.Tan Darkest Tan Possible, Sunless Tanning Mousse, 6.7 oz

4 5 0 137 137 let’s cut to the chase, we know you want to b.tanned. we know you want to look hot...ready for those insta selfies. so we won’t waffle about the amazing dark results; the name pretty much says it all. just use this product and have an awesome ‘DARK’ tan instantly. simple. vegan friendly. paraben free. no gross fake tan smell. no added nasties.
B.Tan Darkest Tan Possible, Sunless Tanning Mousse, 6.7 oz


I absolutely loveee this self tanner. it’s perfect if your going for more of a darker tan and with a lot of self tanner’s i use a lot of them wash off quickly but not this one it lasts soo long it’s amazing.
Game changer
This works better than expected. I wasn’t sure if it was going to leave streaks all over. It didn’t leave any. It was seamless. It has a different scent to it. The color it leaves your skin is amazing. It’s like I was on vacation for a week or two. Love this. Highly recommended.
Goodbye Cheeto Tanning
I worship this products feet basically. I have been loyal for several years and it has yet to let me down! I will say, exfoliate well, and use the hand mit. You will look and feel flawless! It does have a mild odor, but once you shower like instructed to do so, it immediately goes away!
Nice deal
Exceeds basic expectations. There's always new ways companies find to market their products
Nice color
This self tanner goes on best when you use the tanning mit. I suggest using it a few hours After shaving to keep from getting " strawberry" legs. Google it if you must...the tan developes over about 2 hours. Then rinse legs with water and pat dry. The color will last a few days and will look very natural. And no stinky smell either.
Highly Recommend
I've used b.tan for over a year now. Its very cheap compared to other self tanners, last about 4 days. If I m really white I usually put a coat on let it dry for 30 mins then add another then I go to bed. When I wake up I then go shower witch by then I m a lil to dark but when I rinse it off im the perfect bronze brown. I love this products one of my favorites definitely will be purchasing more. Thanks creators
Definitely gives you a tan
I recently tried this self tanning mouse and I must say it definitely gives you a darker color. I'm not sure if I did it correctly but I was a little streaky on my arms and legs. It didn't have much of a smell at all, which I love. I can't sta d when self tanners have that tanning smell. And sticks all day u til you shower. I would try it again just because I don't think I applied it correctly.
I do not like this one at all. It smells and is a nasty looking brown green. It takes forever to dry. I don't know why they would make something to smell so bad. They need to add something to it. The tan itself dosent last long at all and since it takes forever to dry it just comes off on your clothes. Do not buy!
It does the trick, but not quick
I've tried this tanner several times. I usually self time 1 if not more times a week. I have used both a mitt and brush. This comes out a noticeably dark green color. Not super unusual, but more noticeable. This is not your quick tan and out the door self tanner. You must leave it to develop, otherwise you will have a green tint to your tan. Once product develops, color is overal 'ok', nothing to write home about.
It does what it says!
I really enjoy this self tanner, it's lasts longer than most typical ,or other brands I've used. I can find it at my local Walmart, its relative priced well and I've used it for about three years now.
Waste of time
I'm an avid self tanner and this stuff is garbage. Waste of time and money. I thought with the way it flew off the shelves it had to be good but I was highly disappointed. Didn't even shade me up one shade and it's suppose to be the darkest one they have. I wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for a good self tanner
Easy to use.
I'm always afraid to try sunless tanners as most of them tend to turn you orange no matter what you do. but I had a discount & was able to get this product for free(score!) And I'm so happy I did because I finally found line that gets you tan quickly easily minimal mess and the tan actually looks like a real tan not orange at all! I love it although the tan does not last long at all . maybe I'm doing something incorrectly but myself personally the tan only lasts a few 2-3 days ish before it's starting to fade off .
Easy to apply. But I wish it was darker!!! It doesn't get me dark enough. I'm blonde with green eyes. Fair skin. And it's comes out like a medium shade. I will say it fades beautifully! No patches. Very natural as it fades away. Stays for 4-5days. I shower everyday and it still stays on
No way was it dark
I tried it based on reviews and cost. Not worth my time or energy- barely gave color and I ended up throwing out the bottle. Went back to my fav Tanner.
No more streaky orange fake tans!
Wow fake tanning has come a long way since I first tried it. I’m in my 30’s and remember my mom helping me fake and bake as a teenager and turning out more orange than Donald Trump, and so streaky! Those days are long gone and streaky orange fake tans aren’t a thing anymore! So long as you follow the instructions and apply moisturizer to elbows, knees, and any other dry areas before applying, wait for It to dry before getting dressed, and make sure to shower after however many hours you can look like you just got back from the beach as soon as a couple hours with this stuff. I love it and use it, another brand’s spray tan, and another one’s tanning drops in a rotation every other/every 2 days and i stay tan all year. If you tan like I do and stop it’ll get patchy as it fades and washes off. shave before tanning or you’re likely to shave it off, and make sure to thoroughly wash your hands! If you don’t you will have very dark brown hands. It’s amazing and worth every penny!

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