Benadryl - Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs

4.7 5 0 289 289 Get allergy relief you can trust + fast congestion relief with Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs Tablets. Combining allergy relief with nasal congestion relief, Benadryl Allergy + Congestion dries runny noses and provides relief of stuffy noses so you can breathe better.
Benadryl - Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs


Its ok
Its ok it leaves me feeling dizzy if dose help take away the allergy or allergic reaction
Allergy Relief
This product helps with my eyes, sneezing, and congestion from the pollen where I live. I use it every day.
This helps me so much. I don't know what I would do without this
Works very well for multiple symptoms at once. Last a long time!
Always have on hand
With all these viruses and sinus things going around I have found Benadryl to be a life saver for allergies and sinus issues. We have to keep this on hand and take with us when traveling. Good medicine to keep on hand .
Allergy pills benadryl
Makes you relaxed and gets rid of your allergy symptoms for a long while
Had Horrible Experience & Side Effects
Everyone always talks about how well Benadryl works for them. So I decided to try it and I wish I hadn't. I had a terrible experience taking this. The side effects were horrible and made me feel so sick. I felt so jittery, and my hands were shaking. I couldn't go to sleep because I felt like I was high. Since I couldn't sleep, that made me feel even worse. I ended up in the emergency room and found out I was allergic to it. I didn't notice if it helped with my allergies or not because I was so sick from taking it. Needless to say, I will not be taking this again. Or any other Benadryl products.
Night Night
This medicine made me sooooo sleepy and tired that, for me, it almost took away from the healing properties. It really does work but be prepared. You might be napping before you mean to.
Benadryl the OTC Doctor
Benadryl has been a staple of every home for generations, and as always, this product just gets better and better! The only thing I would ever improve is price, but the effectiveness is a steal!
Works great
Best working allergy medicine in my opinion. I use used this for years and will continue. Definitely recommend if your having issues finding something that actually works
Benadryl Reviewed
I use Benadryl as my "go to" product for allergy related symptoms. I've used it when stung and bitten by insets as well as for a cat allergy I have! I've never had a problem with it and it always seems to help!
Best allergy medicine
This works wonders when you have very bad sinus pressure. This help to relieve my headache and help me to sleep, with out this i would have been sick a lot longer. I have told all my family about this product.
Quick and effective
A great decongestant that works quickly and effectively. No taste so nothing to worry about there. Do not take if driving as it will make you drowsy rather quickly. But works great
Helps relieve my congestion.
I always have these with me. My allergies in spring and summer are horrible! They do make me a little drowsy but that's ok because I can breathe. They work wonderful when you have a cold.
Absolutely amazing
Absolutely love this!! It takes almost no time at all to start to feel better. Most importantly, it doesn't leave me "dragging" all day.. Perfect 10/10

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