Wilton London Eco Plastic Free Sponge

4.8 5 0 49 49 Did You Know Most Household Sponges are Made with Plastic? And more importantly, they aren't recyclable. But our clever Plastic Free Sponges are made from responsibly sourced wood fibres, yes wood! Our sponges are really long lasting and super absorbent. They'll drink up any spill you throw at them and you can even pop them in the dishwasher for a freshen up. Made from Wood Fibres, Washing Up, Bathroom, Surfaces and Spills, Expands when Wet, Strong and Soft, Sustainable, Super Absorbent, Multi-Purpose, Suitable for vegans
Wilton London Eco Plastic Free Sponge


The Wilton London Eco Plastic Free Sponge is a game-changer in household cleaning, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic sponges. Its durable and absorbent design, made from responsibly sourced wood fibres, makes it ideal for various cleaning tasks, from washing up to tackling spills, all while being environmentally friendly and easy to clean in the dishwasher.
Good product
I recommend this product to anyone who has been looking for one like this for anyone
I have not actually used these yet but they do look good and I’ll be looking out for them
Really really good
Great little Sponge and eco Friendly too which is always a good thing
Great sponge
Good sponge does a great job I Like be the fact it’s eco friendly and plastic free too!
Overall good sponge to use and even better that its plastic free
Great product
Plastic free, vegan and good for the environment. Machine washable too. An excellent, absorbent sponge. It cleaned without scratching or leaving smears. I would definitely recommend this product.
Great sponge
This sponge is great at cleaning all surfaces.easy on tiles and on the bath and sink.It feels good to hold and helps save the planet
Very effective
Bought these to try as part of my attempt to use more sustainable products. Really, really effective - the sponge texture and lack of "slippy" plastic meant they were great on tiles and textured surfaces. Easy to clean and reuse.
I usually grow my own loofers, chop them up and use as eco sponges but my crop failed this year, and I ran out, was facing the prospect of having to go back to traditional foam sponges, but then I found these, what a life saver, they are very abrasive so clean excellently without leaving any scuffs or scratches, I urge everyone to make the swop, can't recommend these enough
High quality sponge
I love these! Environmentally friendly, decent & long lasting sponges.
Soul cleansing
A vegan product that works? I didn't believe that until I tried this product. It works great, however its a tad pricey compared to competitors. I would still recommend considering this.
So soft!
This sponge is really soft! It’s super absorbent and cleans really well. It’s great that it is eco friendly too! Highly recommend this sponge to everyone debating whether to buy it! Great value
Eco friendly
I try to purchase eco friendly products where possible and was excited to try these once I spotted them, they are great, so so absorbent and plastic free is a bonus, I would recommend,
Sustainable and useful
Big fan of this product. I am all for reducing my plastic usage in my home and these sponges last way longer than the cheaper alternatives making them way more cost effective and it saves the planet win win

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