Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power Cleaner

4.8 5 0 401 401 Try Flash Magic Eraser Ultra Power and tackle the tough stains you’ve given up on, all around the house. It removes stains, marks and scuffs from most washable surfaces. Great for your tough cleaning jobs and messes! Try it wherever you find tough dirt, throughout the house: from crayon on walls to burnt-on grease on the cooker top, from grimy bathtubs to grout lines between the tiles! We love to use it on greasy hand marks around light switches! And with Ultra Power Magic Eraser is even more durable, lasting up to 25% longer than original Flash Magic Eraser. Run under the tap to wet, squeeze it out, and clean off the tough stains like magic.
Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power Cleaner


A must have if you have children!
A household essential for anyone with children, pets and white walls. They're fab for removing crayon from your walls, felts from tables, food stains on cupboards, stubborn paw prints from the hallway etc. They're incredibly easy to use - just wet, squeeze and scrub! Every household needs one in their cupboard.
Works well
Works well but doesn't last long. It will maybe last a few uses before shrinking or disintegrating, but it's okay for the price.
Ok for small areas
At first this product looks good, use with water alone and quick to apply. However after only a few short uses they disintegrate. I would only recommend for flat areas such as painted around door handle. After rinsing and drying they have limited life left
Works brilliant
I use this for cleaning the swimming pool out works fabulous.
Great cleaning must have
Excellent magic erasers, gets lots of the grubby marks off the wall made by my children's sticky hands and dog paws jumping up to the window ledge. Highly recommend.
Amazing sponge
This works wonders on cleaning bathrooms and sinks leaving it all shiny it has product in it but I did use it more than once so applied bathroom and other cleaning products depending on use. It also works well on walls for removing unwanted kids arts they drew on walls.
Shoes clean
These are great for cleaning your white shoes . Easy to use . Prefect for on the go . Can bring it every where with you . Easy to pack in your suitcase for your holiday. Can also clean around the house
Do the job most of the time
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with these, I don’t know why but I don’t find the texture very nice, I think it’s the squeaky ness but they do work fine when I wear gloves whilst using
Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power Cleaner is a game-changer for tackling tough stains and marks around the house. From crayon marks to burnt-on grease, it effortlessly cleans various surfaces, making cleaning tasks a breeze and leaving them looking like new.
Does what it says
This product does exactly what it claims to do. It's cheap as you get two in a box, And the sponges last a long time. All you have to do is wet the sponge a little bit. Just make sure you apply light pressure, Otherwise you might take some of the paint off the wall.
Magic eraser.
I have bought the cheaper version of the flash magic eraser but no more. This works brilliant. I had scuff marks on my car, I used the magic eraser and it got rid of it all. Definitely recommend.
Swear by this for my composite doors
This is the only thing that works to remove bike tyre stains from by front door. It is amazing
Useful for getting small marks off of walls
I've used the magic eraser several times. On the whole it is very good and I've managed to get pencil marks and general marks off the wall. On occasion on some ares of the wall, it has taken the paint off the wall or left a little stain. However, it is a better appearance than what was previously there!
Does what it says on the tin
Got rid of burnt on food and melted wax from all over the worktop very happy would have taken a lot more scrubbing and time otherwise, will be trying on harder items like my trainers now I know not rough
Brilliant product
Absolutely amazing use daily I have light grey walls and 7yr old twins and the sponges remove vast majority for marks they leave behind

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