Mr Muscle Max Gel Unblocker

4.8 5 0 834 834 Mr Muscle® Power Gel Drain Unblocker cuts through standing water in your clogged drain, dissolving even the toughest clogs. Use this sink unblocker once a week to clear blockages and slow-running drains anywhere in your home, from your kitchen to bathroom sinks. Just pour the entire contents of the bottle down the plughole to attack the blockage directly, and after waiting 5 minutes, flush with hot water (allowing longer for tough clogs). With a formula that clears drains 3x better than bleach*, getting rid of blockages and their unpleasant odours, Mr Muscle® Power Gel is the plughole unblocker that allows you to clean less and live more. *Based on hair removal in laboratory testing
Mr Muscle Max Gel Unblocker


This is great product ever invented
This product is just amazing unblocks any drains and leaves them clear and clean. So easy to use it and just make sure you need to open windows as it’s got quite strong smell. But other than that it’s just brilliant. Every one must have this in their house
eliminating blockages
Mr Muscle Drain Gel Unblocker is a powerful solution for clearing blocked sinks and pipes, effectively eliminating blockages and odors. Its ability to sink through standing water makes it convenient and easy to use, providing a quick solution to common plumbing issues.
Great product
This product is great for unblocking your sink. It does exactly what it claims to do as it works instantly. Usually it's on offer in supermarkets, And it's definitely worth the money
Great product
This is a must for blocked sinks. It’s easy to use and you just pour it down and leave it. Doesn’t have a strong smell either and it does the job nicely. Would recommend and always have some on hand.
Go to product for drain unblocking
Clears hair without a problem. This is a go to product if the water is no longer free flowing down your plughole. Clears hair without a problem without any effort.
Works like a dream
I love this mr muscle sink unblock gel it’s amazing works like a dream I poor it down the sink at night when my sink is blocked or my bath because of my daughters hare and by the morning it’s clear you don’t have to leave it for as long as I do but I just think it’s better to do it over night
Works so well
This is a defo must in any household.Works so well to unblock . Always will buy this .
Great product a must
Great for sinks, baths, showers and the drain outside!
It works. Would recommend
Bought this product for our shower the regularly gets blocked. Works a treat everytime .
Recommend over any brand
I used this to block my clogged up shower ! Oh my goodness i tried so much for so many days but used one bottle of this and was completely unblocked
Amazing product
Amazing product , does exactly what it says on the bottle, would highly recommend
Works really well.
I had tried everything to get rid of the clog and smell in my kitchen sink. This was recommended to me and although fairly expensive it really did the trick. Not more clog and disgusting smell.
It does work
This does work well but I feel there a much cheaper options that works just as good. Sometimes I think you are paying more for the brand than the actual product and this is one of them.
Works great
This was a life saver spilled oil down sink and blocked to save me a call out charge and plumber bill it was recommended to me to try this and it worked wonders
Gel unblocker
I use this when my kitchen sink and my bathroom sink and bath are a little clogged up and it always works a treat! Gets rid of any yucky smell and unblocks great! Would buy again

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