Mr Muscle Drain Foamer Drain Cleaning Foam 500ml

4.6 5 0 24 24 Mr Muscle® Drain Foamer combines two powerful liquids to unleash a mighty cleaning foam that removes foul gunge and hair so you can clean less and do more.Clears slow running drains Removes gunge & hair Reaches entire pipe wall Expanding foam Cleans & freshens pipes Safe for use on all kinds of pipe
Mr Muscle Drain Foamer Drain Cleaning Foam 500ml


Does the job!
Great product that does the job it says it does. I used this on my shower drain which had been backing up water due to soap scum and hair buildup, immediately after using Mr Muscle Drain Foamer, the shower drained freely and the product had obviously declogged the pipes.
  • Home Tested with free product
I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to cleaning products so I thought I’m going big on testing this. The dreaded bathroom plug hole which turns my stomach with the built up hair and soap scum and the smell of damp grossness lurking down there. Lid was easy to undo without getting a face full or hands covered, and it was an easy pour left it as instructed….. it’s just melted away and the smell has gone! Will be grabbing another bottle to do the kitchen sink now!
  • Home Tested with free product
Mr Muscle Drain foam Unblocker is a powerful solution for clearing blocked sinks and pipes, effectively eliminating blockages and odors. Its ability to sink through standing water makes it convenient and easy to use, providing a quick solution to common plumbing issues.
Works every time. Smells decent too. Never has let me down and so easy to use
The best drain unblocker
This is my favourite drain/sink unblocking foam I'd recommend this as a first choice as it works so well. Has a strong smell but at same time smells fresh and clean I love seeing the suds appear and how quick it works.
Does the job
if you want something done the proper way first time round then use this. No smell, no mess, just pour it down the drain and leave it f and you’ll be all sorted. I always use mr muscle
Mr muscle drain foamer drain cleaning
Mr muscle is magical is fantastic at deep cleaning. Makes area fresh and leaves nice smell. I use mr muscle in kitchen and bathroom would definitely recommend
It really works
Foams up amazingly (quite fun!) and really blasts through the pipes. Our kitchen sink had a bit of a yukky smell coming from the plug hole, but after using this, it’s fresh and clean again.
Great product
This is excellent it unblocks drains within seconds of using it and pouring it! It also makes it smell much better if it is clogged and stuck. It’s a fabulous product and would recommend
Fast and reactive
Super reactive clears all the blockages needed, really does the job.
Absolutely brilliant! Bathroom basin was blocked solid. 500ml of MMMG later, totally clear.
Effective and easy to use
Very easy to use. Cleared the scum, hair and grime from our shower quickly and easily.
It works so effectively
When nothing else seemed to work ,this does the drink unblocking sinks and drains easily
Effective Cleaning
Pour the whole bottle down the drain to clean any smelly residue. Foams well and cleans effectively. Will definitely use regularly.
Foam cleaner
I use this everyday in my toilet, it works so well and the foaming action is great. It smells great too... leaves my toilet clean every time id definitely recommend it if your looking for a new toilet cleaner

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