F&N Nutri Soy Fresh Soya Milk - Oats & Quinoa

4.5 5 0 7 7 Nutri Soy Fresh Soya Milk – Oats & Quinoa is made from all natural, premium, non-genetically modified soya beans and real oats & quinoa. A healthy drink for every morning with 25% lower in sugar compared to other regular soya milk. It is without preservatives and colourings too.
F&N Nutri Soy Fresh Soya Milk - Oats & Quinoa


Milk booster!
I am a nursing mom and this helps boost my supply. No changes to the taste or texture of the drink so I like that I am drinking soy milk with the added but hidden goodness!
Very filling and great aroma
I love how this drink does not feel heavy on the stomach but could fill my stomach and makes me feel full. The aroma of oats and quinoa is also very appetizinh.
Love the taste
Quinoa taste with oats bits, it actually taste like milk.
The product has a nice oat flavour to the soyamilk and has all the additional health benefits that come with it as well! Good product and highly recommended for purchase
Nutritiously good
Tastes really good and it’s filled with great nutritious values of oats and quinoa. Both of which ingredients are filled with great antioxidants.
I love it!
Taste smooth and healthy..good for those who have allergic to milk...

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