Farm Fresh Kurma Milk

3.9 5 0 13 13 Made from palm dates and fresh milk, Farm Fresh Kurma Milk is the ultimate milk booster for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, rich in iron to aid in the development of healthy red blood cells in infants.
Farm Fresh Kurma Milk


Awesome and refreshing drink after a workout.wholesome taste of the dates is tasteful and also does away with manual blender by soaking the dates and peeling it before blender it.just from the fridge.Recommended for nursing moms too.
Naturally sweet
My favourite milk to drink for my pregnancy and postnatal. Does help my breastfeeding journey as I have been breastfeeding for 6 years nonstop!
Value for money
Love the rich milk with red date that's naturally sweet.
My favourite milk
I love this milk so much. It taste sweet because of the red dates! No sugar added
Too Sweet for me
My husband like this Kurma milk so much, he said taste like chendol. but it just not my liking, little too sweet for me, and it doesn’t help in booster breastmilk like what other recommended.
Used it for milk booster
Heard its rave reviews for boosting breast milk supply, but tried a few bottles and doesn't seem to help. Taste wise I like that the kurma taste is not too strong nor sweet.
Tasty but too sweet
Very tasty milk. Affordable price too. But too sweet for my liking. Tried this milk as some mothers mentioned it helps to boost breastmilk.
Love the taste. Am not a milk lover, this taste similar to Chendol. A must have drink for me during Ramadan especially.
Something different
the mix taste of dates and milk just felt delicious
Farm Fresh Kurma Milk
I already have good experience with Farm Fresh before so just give this a try. but i still prefer the original milk from farm fresh as this kurma milk is more on sweet milk. Personally, I felt that the milk does not contain many added ingredients because it does not have strong taste like most drinks in the market. My guess was correct. When I checked the ingredient list, I saw that there were only two ingredients which are fresh cow's milk and dates extract. On the packaging also written no sugar added.
The milk hardly has the taste of dates. Its milky and fresh but just drinking sweet milk
Farm fresh
Milk plus kurma is sweet...goods who is a lover of sweet milk..
Acceptable but does not suitable my taste buds
The milk is alright but I do not especially enjoyed it. I would prefer my other go-to brands over this. The consistency of the milk just doesn’t sit well with me.

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