Langers Passion Fruit Citrus Juice Cocktail

4.9 5 0 60 60 Taste delicious and freshly picked passion fruit citrus in the refreshing Langers Passion Fruit Citrus Cocktail Juice! It''s all-natural, made from whole fruit, and packed with a great amount of vitamin C.
Langers Passion Fruit Citrus Juice Cocktail


Passionfruit citrus
It really taste like passion fruit or like orange. I love the taste and its benefits
Worth it to Buy
Bukod sa masarap na, may health benefits pa! Super sulit itong bilhin, maganda itong inumin after meals para mawala aftertaste ng mga ulam natin and also to refresh us!! Super love this!!😍😍
Asawa ko laging bumibili neto! Naeenjoy nya ito at syempre pati na din ako! 😊 😊 Ansarap kasi!
fassion fruit
My fathers favorite drink, he always buy this juice and we drink this every day after meal it is very tasty and delicious drink very refreshing and nutritious you will notice while drinking that the fruits use to this drink is freshly picked
♥️Langers Passion Fruit Citrus Juice Cocktail
This product is taste so good and very affordable anyone can afford this tasty super yummy and healthy juice cocktail
this product is taste so good and very affordable anyone can afford. i love how it taste . i highly recommend this to everyone
tasty . super yummy and healthy. it is also affordable price. plus the healthy benefirts of the product
Buy this whenever we are at 7/eleven and its really good one. Felt satisfied with this drink. I like this product due to its taste. Hm, maybe about the price. Yes ofcourse I would love to recommend it
I was amazed bec i usually buy passion fruit for the famous milktea cafe but now in abottle and more affordable
Taste good
when i first try this product the fruit taste was good, so refreshing it has a real fruit taste,,and my kidz love it
So yummy and healthy any where you are its easy to handle. Juice with full of healthy ingredients
Quality test approve
We've been buying this product for several times and also my cousin and aunts used to buy this also. Its has more vitamins and it taste like fresh blended fruits and vegetables and its good for kids who hate to eat vegetables
relaxing and delicious drink
good drink and it has good taste .relaxing and very affordable
excellent product
i love this product so far, ito talaga hinahanap ko...
Healthy juices
Pack with lots of Vitamins that your body needs also i love the cocktail flavor, it has a yummy taste so fresh and delicious and a very healthy option because of more benefits and vitamins this juice have so worth it to buy and try... Grab this one for your healthy self!

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