Dole Four Seasons Juice Drink

4.8 5 0 158 158 DOLE Four Seasons Juice Drink is made fresh, sun-ripened pineapples, oranges, mangoes and guavas. Enjoy a blend of four delicious fruits in one drink.
Dole Four Seasons Juice Drink


Dole Four Seasons Juice Drink
Dole Four Seasons Juice Drink offers a delightful blend of tropical flavors, combining pineapple, mango, orange, and guava. The result is a refreshing, fruity taste that’s both sweet and tangy, making it perfect for a refreshing beverage on a hot day.
As I opened the can, a burst of fruity aromas filled the air, giving a preview of the tropical of flavors that awaited me. The sweetness was just right, providing a pleasant and refreshing taste without being overly sugary.
Heart smart
Good for the heart and my taste buds, plays it's role to my tummy. Taste wise, color wise, packing nice, recyclable material used. Environment friendly package. Live the taste.
4 seasons!
Uy ang sarap nito talaga. Lalo pag malamig. I like yung after taste na different flavor. Sakto after eating. Perfect combo. Maganda for occasions or kahit normal meal lang. Goods na goods
Same quality sa leading brand
Same ito ng quality, taste at price or minsan mas mahal pa sa leading brand. Tapos di naman din gaano matamis. Lasang lasa naman ang 4flavours nito. Nice packaging din.
Dole fruit drink
Bagay na bagay sya sa ayaw sa pineapple flavor gaya ko Mejo umay kasi ako sa pine apple kaya mas bet ko flavour neto.
So Refreshing
I seldom don't drink canned fruity juices because it usually tastes rusty, but this four seasons drink is top notch! Serve it in a glass full of ice and it would taste so good, not to mention very healthy! 100% recommended.
I recommend this juice product dole four seasons dahil sobrang sarap po ito staka masustansiya po itong inumin kaya sobrang gusto ko po itong dole four seasons kaya bumili na po kayo.
Dole four seasons
What I really like about this product is the taste. The combination of all the fruits in it is perfect! And also, not too sweet. It's just delicious and refreshing. Highly recommend!
Dole four seasons juice drink
packaging is very good, The taste is not to sweet you can taste all the fruits inside on it, and super healthy drink,even i cant eat fruits not much i only drink dole four season, this size is ok for me i can put in my bag.difinitely recommended to all my friends even to my family it’s healthy juice.
Excellent drink
It really has the taste of the flavors it consists. Definitely gonna buy again. Super healthy and safe even for pregnant women.
My Favorite Drink
I love this Four seasons juice drink, it's my favorite.
This drink is healthy and refreshing. Even my kids love it. Hindi sya sobrang tamis, tamang tama lang.
its a very good taste 。 i love it so much the taste is really good . very nice and yummy drinking this . love it so much . i will always buy it to the market
This drink is healthy and refreshhing.. deliscius and flavorfully taste..

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