Lady’s Choice Tuna Sandwich Spread 470ML

4.9 5 0 44 44 Delightfully creamy, Lady’s Choice Tuna Spread combines real tuna and a rich blend of spices and quality ingredients for an irresistible bread spread. Now every sandwich is your way of giving 100% of your love!
Lady’s Choice Tuna Sandwich Spread 470ML


Tuna sandwich at your service
Super solid especially if you partner it with tuna and gardenia. Super creamy and delicious but wait you can also put this in pandesal and coffe. Super love this.
Mayo' Tuna Be with you
This Tuna spread is good for all kinds of bread. It is way better with fresh onion to make it real, but it's fine without it. Thus tasty spread is available in any store that has Lady's Choice products. Nothing but a good snack for everyone.
Baon Hack
As a mom, when I am pressed for time and budget I use Lady's Choice Tuna Spread. Among the variety of Lady's Choice spread this is my family's favorite. Saves me the hassle of manual preparation on a hectic week.
Itssssooooooo verrrrry yuuuuummmy
Itsssssss soooooooooo yummmmmyyyuyu u tryyyyyy it sooooooo much
Yung lasa neto di nakakaumay sobrang favorite ko to pag usapang palaman na sa tinapay, the best talaga lady's choice guys promises very recommended ko to sa inyo kase this is one of my favorite spread ever since.
Lady's Choices
Thank you for this product it's so yummy because I already taste that and I like most about product is the spread and flavor I think It's made in real spread i recommended for you.
My Spread
I have tried so many tuna spread and only ladys choice tuna spread got me not only on plane bread but also on my salad, I may call this superv spread for me.
So yummy
Natry ko na tong spread na'to. So yummy, lalo na pag nilagyan mo pa sya ng tuna. Kaya kong ubusin yung kalahating plastic ng tasty. Kaya try nyo na rin.
Malasa at malinamnam
Eto yung tuna flavor na palaman na gustung gusto ko yung lasa.
our favorite
This tuna spread by lady's choice is our ultimate favorite. My kids love the tuna flavored spread. This is good for their snacks and lunch at school.
Lady’s choice tuna spread
This product is so delicious my favorite spread! Will always buy perfect for meryenda.
love it
you will not get enough to use it as a spread, dip and dressing. super love it. i even use it as hotdog dip just to get an excuse to use it .
East to serve Tuna Sandwich
This spread is perfect for mommy's out there on the go this is an easy to prepare yet deliciously tuna flavored achieve, Definitely recommended.
A must-try sandwich spread
As someone who's always in a hurry, this Lady's choice tuna spread is my go-to palaman. I love that you can taste the real tuna, so creamy and delicious. A definitely must try!
Delicious tuna sandwich spread
It's delicious and creamy. One of my favorites Sandwich Spread.Masarap na palaman sa mainit na pandesal sa umaaga na may kasamang kape.

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