Lady’s Choice Ham Sandwich Spread

4.9 5 0 458 458 Lady's Choice Ham Spread is made with real ham bits and a rich blend of spices. Its tasty and savory taste will add flavor to any sandwich. There’s no better way to enjoy your afternoon snack with!
Lady’s Choice Ham Sandwich Spread


A Deliciously amazing combination
Lady's Choice Ham Spread is a delightful addition to any sandwich enthusiast's pantry. This creamy spread brings a burst of flavor that elevates the simplest of sandwiches to a whole new level. The blend of finely minced ham and rich mayo creates a harmonious balance that's both savory and satisfying. The texture is smooth and easily spreadable, making it perfect for layering onto your choice of bread. What's impressive is that the ham flavor is distinct but not overpowering, allowing the taste of other ingredients to shine through. Whether you're crafting a classic ham and cheese or experimenting with unique combinations, this spread adds a touch of indulgence that's hard to resist.
Daily Spread
My to go daily spread for my sandwhich every morning
Mayo spread for me and my kid
Love the ham smoky note on the mayo that makes it different from other Mayo product. may kid also loves this spread
Lady's Choice Ham Spread
It tastes soooooo good!. One of my favorite! I always buy this kind of spread. This item became my breakfast partner in everyday
This is giving~
We usually buy the plain lady's choice in a jar with blue packaging but when it is out of stock, we decided to buy this lady's choice ham spread and it did not disappoint! It also has ham bits and I love it.
Yummy Classic Spread!
Lady's choice is our brand of spread since my childhood days, this flavor is one of my favorites! perfect spread in hot pandesal!
Great for sandwiches
Not really a fan of mayo based spread unless i add it to some more ingredients like meat or veggies. It has ham bits. I enjoy this with hot pandesal.
Spread Hamppiness
Lady's Choice is my favorite sandwich spread, especially the Ham Spread. Me and my family love this, my kids love the ham bits and it taste really good. Thank you Lady's choice for the experience and for the variety of taste.
Good product
You will never go wrong with ladies choice talaga when you use it,.. Especially this ham sandwich with real ham taste flavor sa sandwich ko.
If you crave a savory spread, go for this product. Perfect with our hot pandesal.
The best
Fave palaman. Baon sa swimming, camping, picnic, etc.
My favorite sandwich spread! Perfect for meryenda. It taste so good!
Loved it
Masarap talaga to. Quality tlaga. Hindi din nakakaumay o nakakasawa. Palaman lagi naming sa umaga kasabay ng mainit na kape.
Honest Opinion
Its my everyday go to palaman however, its becoming salty and the ham bits of it are getting lesser and lesser. i love the smokey taste of it. and also the price, its excellent , good for the budget
We love Lady's Choice Spreads, especially the Ham Spread. Di lang ito pinapalaman NG mga anak ko, pinapapak din nila. Nalalasahan yung tiny bits NG ham kaya gusto nila ito. We also love the other flavors. Maraming pagpipilian, kaya Di nakakasawa.

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