Wattie’s Hash Bites

4.7 5 0 36 36 Soft canterbury potato covered in a delicious crispy coating in bite size - a new and exciting way to enjoy the classic hash brown with the whole family!. Wattie’s hash bites are delicious in a breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs, perfect as a side to barbecued meats and also make a fantastic pie topping.
Wattie’s Hash Bites


Great with burgers
We love these as a side with burgers. They go really nicely and are just a bit different to chips. You can also squash them and put them in your burger.
Nice change
These are a nice change from hashbrowns or chips. They are just as easy to prepare and go well tomato sauce. They do crisp up well in the air fryer.
Great for kids
These are great for kids. Fast and easy to cook, serve with eggs and bacon and you'll have some happy little people in your house, well, we did
Side dish heaven
These are so yum as a side dish to a main meal. Quick and easy to prepare and a nice alternative to the boring old mashed potato
Have used these for a long time and continue to buy due to the consistency of the product. Great to use as a topping for a casserole too instead of mashed potatoes.
Perfect cheat
Love this product, I use it on top of mince like a cottage pie, instead of mash. Makes it crunchy and it is super easy to use and always available. I would give this 10/10
Perfect for a girl dinner
I love chucking some of these in the airfryer when I'm down for a low effort snack. They turn out super crispy and tasty.
Quick and easy
Quick and easy to pop into the airfryer for my toddler, nice with a big breakfast.
Easy and tasty
Easy to add to a cooked breakie, throw in air fryer and ready in minutes! Kids love them.
Shape and taste
Crispy and yummy potato bites. Good size and funny shape to eat. Kid loves it too!
One of the best things made by wattles
All I can say is YUM YUM YUM. I would choose these over potato fries anyway, and i think my kids love them almost as much as me !!
The perfect bite
These are the perfect size bite and better is the crunch when you cook them in the air fryer
The perfect crunch!
Cooked these in my air fryer at home, the were delicious on their own and they were the perfect balance of soft and crunchy!
Just the right size bites
My son is 4 and these bites are such a perfect size, it also crisps up nicely in the oven and has a good taste
Wonderful on own or with main meal. Very crisp, light and fluffy

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