Birds Eye Deli French Fries Garlic Herb & a Twist of Lemon

4.8 5 0 32 32 Delicious Deli French Fries lightly seasoned with Garlic, Herb and a Twist of Lemon. Inspired by gourmet foods found in deli's from around the world, these Birds Eye's French fries take ordinary fries to the next level.
Birds Eye Deli French Fries Garlic Herb & a Twist of Lemon


Heaven in a chip
These are well seasoned and absolutely delicious. The outside was crunchy and the inside was fluffy. Perfect.
great flavour
i absolutely love the flavour of these chips i just wish they came in chunky form! all the chips have a great coat of flavour always leaving you wanting more, dangerous territory!
Great side
Great chips. Lovely as a side on your plate. Everyone enjoys them and we buy often
Loveeeee this. Its delicious and makes a normal fish and chip night at home little fansy.
DELIghtful French Fries!
This is a pleasant change from the ordinary French Fries! Our family enjoyed these and gave them a thumbs up. We loved the garlic/herb citrussy flavour, which gave this product an extra pizzazz! The texture was good too...had a slight crunch, which we enjoyed.
We used to buy these weekly! They are delicious and so easy to bake in the oven and then eat with a little bit of mayo or as is. Makes for a quick, easy and delicious meal. I would recommend these for sure.
Awesome chips. Love that they already flavoured. They taste good and love making them with burgers or fish. Would recommend
No more bland chips
If you're finding oven chips are getting a bit bland, I certainly recommend this. The flavours are a refreshing change and the chips go nicely in the air fryer too. The only downsides are that they are a bit more expensive than other brands and even more so when you notice it's not a 1kg bag.
These are so good different from the ordinary fries
Tasty and Affordable
Love them, an excellent side to a meal to make everything a bit less boring. Very good with cheese melted on top.
Best fries!
These are the freakin best! Got my family hooked on these. Toss em in the airfryer and they taste like they're from the shop!
Something different
Have had these a couple of times now and they are always nice to have for a change. They are tasty and always go well with other food. If you are after something different give these a try!
These are great for the oven or air fryer. They have a good crisp while still being fluffy in the middle (as long as you don't overcook them) the seasoning is perfect. Very good flavour.
Fries with a twist
How can't you not love these fries. It's super tasty, super crunchy and so worth it to buy. The other fries is dull compared to these. Try it and you will never ever buy another fry again
Great side dish with steak or even jus a snack

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