Uncle Tobys Oats Breakfast Bakes Berry Harvest

3.4 5 0 5 5 Uncle Tobys Oats delicious breakfast bakes are made with the same amount of oats as a bowl of porridge and they're loaded with wholegrain & fibre. With no artifical colours or flavours they're great for breakfast when you're on the go. Berry harvest contains juicy blueberries & strawberries for those that enjoy a fruity start.
Uncle Tobys Oats Breakfast Bakes Berry Harvest


Hard pass
Like eating saw dust very dry and full of sugar. Def not buy again horrible
Tastes wholsome
I buy a pack a week to keep when my kids dont eat breakfast before school. They have this in the car on our way or in their lunchbag.
Very sweet
Thought the idea of a breakfast biscuit was great, no milk , no toasting and can eat in the car. Really loved the flavour, but was hungry within 1 hour of eating them. Looked at the sugar content and was really surprised at the sugar content. Would eat them as a treat food. Not breakfast
Breakfast in the car
Our family loves these bars. We tried Berry Harvest as we already eat the other flavours. This is lovely as it has a bit of sweetness. A great on the run breakfast I can throw at the kids when they sleep in.
Breakfast bakes are awesome
A great substitute when needing breakfast on the run. tasty once heated up and can dip into yoghurt - delicious

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