Sanitarium Up & Go Breakfast Drink Choc Ice

4.7 5 0 36 36 Loup&go liquid breakfast choc ice flavour contains 10 essentials vitamins & minerals. Low gi, high in calcium and no artificial colours.
Sanitarium Up & Go Breakfast Drink Choc Ice


Great for on the go. Was absolutely amazing during covid as I was unable to eat most things but having this liquid breakfast gave me some vitamins. The chocolate flavour is yum!
Thoughts on Sanitarium Up&Go Breakfast D
This product is awesome! The taste is amazing and I love how it rates high on the health rating meaning you can consume a lot of this product without the guilt! What would give this product a 5-star rating is if it supported New Zealand and communities and followed ethical sustainable environmentally friendly practices as this is one of the iconic brands it has a duty to follow through as leaders of these forth coming issues. Also, the product could be sold in bigger packages and cartons to consume to make me buy.
Go go go
Great product on the go, this has been my go too some mornings and it ties me over till morning tea.
Good on the go
Really good for on the go and if you need a quick fix. Sugar content is pretty large, and quite expensive but is a yummy drink
Concern about the sugar content
This product is very tasty and handy for my little fussy eater, but I am concerned about the sugar content when doing research on the product.
Easy breakfast
This tastes good and is super quick for a breakfast on the go. By the time the kids are fed I haven't got time for breakfast for myself and end up drinking this at my desk. My colleague is the same.
Its delicious
I love that its easy on the go breakfast. The chocolate taste is delicious. I love that its creamy. Its perfect when I am rushing to get to work in the morning. The sizing is also great and that I can purchase it in packs of 6.
Tastes great. Has a thick feel to it almost like a smoothie. Great for grabbing and having in the car on the way to work. Would recommend
A must have
Great taste , great portion size, keeps u full on the go.
breakfast on go
great taste, easy to handle .just pick up and get going. a great and fast way to satisfy busy hungry mornings
Perfect snack
Great taste, quick and easy snack and perfect for adding essential nutrients to your diet. Enjoy all flavours. Would buy it again
Yummy, but not super filling
I love the taste of these, especially chilled, however they aren't as filling as eating proper weetbix. They are great for a quick breakfast on the go!
Tasty and easy
So handy to grab and have on the go. Good price and keep me full for hours
So good!
I buy this product for my partner who is a dairy farmer, its great because there is heaps of flavour options and the mornings he is busy its something easy on his stomach. Id 100% recommend this product
Easy breakfast for busy lives
I purchase these for my kids. They are delicious and convenient and I know the kids are getting the nutrition they need, first thing in the morning.

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