L & P Soft Drink Lemon & Paeroa

4.5 5 0 35 35 Enjoy the refreshing taste of New Zealand's famous l&p.
L & P Soft Drink Lemon & Paeroa


L&P always great!
Perfect summer drink, has a refreshing taste, will drink it over coke anytime.
Classic L & P
One of my household favourites since forever. L&P is great on its own, even better as a mixer. Definitely a fridge staple.
a staple
can never go wrong with the classic, i adore l&p, such a unique flavour combo that you cant compare to anything else. this goes very well in milkshakes too,, try it!!
Oldskool classic
I've have been a LnP fan for AZ long as I can remember.
Classic NZ Drink
One of my household favourites, L&P is a chill NZ lemonade with a twist.
Uniquely nz
Uniquely a nz drink that is refreshing and tastes great cold. The mild lemon taste is definitely a hit.. Especially in the summer time.
A true classic
I would never return to normal lemonade, it just wouldn't be the same! From the first time I tried L&P until now I still get the same great feeling. It is such a great go-to on those hot summer days and really does clench your thrist. Of all the fizzy drinks, L&P will always be my choice!
A kiwi classic
L&P is a much lighter soft drink than most on the market, it's also quite a unique one in terms of flavour too, a light lemon flavour. I don't find it overly sweet, but would like a no sugar option.
Tastes good/Christmas gift.“lemon bitters” flavor.
L&P sugar free
The sugar free L&P is a nice drink even better when left in the fridge nice and cold
Great unique taste
I've only recently tried L&P and loved it! It's a uniquely refreshing change from the mainstream lemon sodas. Great blend of sweet and sour. This has definitely become my go-to lemon soda drink!
A bit of a lemon
This drink is moderately enjoyable when extremely chilled and at full fizz. Only a little better than homebrand sodas. Leave it in the sun even slightly too long, though, and it will develop a taste that is reminiscent of stale mandarins and burnt sugar. You will need a chilly bin and ice for any picnics and trips with this soda.
My favourite fizzy
This it my favourite fizzy drink. It’s smooth and easy drinking. NZ you did good with this one
Kiwi Favoiurite
There's is no other taste like L&P, Great as a mixer as well and also great to use in a chocolate chipping pudding I make. It does have a tendency to go flat rather quickly once opened.
whats more Kiwi then L&P
not only do my whole family love L&P but we send it over to friends who live out side of New Zealand 🇳🇿 and they two love it .

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