Just Juice Bubbles Soft Drink Tropical With Lemonade

3.9 5 0 18 18 Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients. Contains 50% juice and 50% lemonade.
Just Juice Bubbles Soft Drink Tropical With Lemonade


Good refreshing drink, good if you're you're craving a little soda but nothing too much or sweet. Personally a little too watered down, and the drink is very very bubbly, more so than your standard sodas.
Sweet sweet and more sweet! Love the combination of juice and fizz, the 50% sugar option though would be the best pick you wouldn’t even notice the difference! Orange and mango has gotta be my face
bring back the old formula
this was my favourite drink growing up but then they changed the formula and it has never been the same which is such a shame because they'd have a loyal fan base from all the 00 kids
Good drink
Good mix of oj and fizzy Sometime the mix is not that great (I’m guessing it depends on the batches) Best Served ice cold
Love this product, great for kids birthday parties and it's exactly what we used to do as kids - mix the fizz with the juice. Balance between juice and fizz is great.
Hit and miss?
The worst aspects of soda and juice come together to create something more enjoyable than both. My immediate impression of this drink reminded me of having fizzy bitter OJ after brushing my teeth. But that was momentary, you really can't ignore this as one of the most refreshing drinks available. It tastes like real fruit, and is sweet but not too sweet. The initial distaste quickly faded into simple enjoyment as my palette adjusted. The bitterness created by the mixture of carbonation and fruit juice actually makes the drink more refreshing and enjoyable than either on their own.
Refreshing and another taste than the usual soft drinks. Love the taste especially when it's nice and cold. Go down well on a hot day or just with supper. Worth for your money.
Our household go to
Love this drink, perfectly refreshing! Great when you're craving a little soda but nothing too much or sweet
Just juice tropical bubbles
I didn’t like the bubbles in it. Seem to overrate the flavour and not nice when flat either
I dont drink much soda but I find this very refreshing
It was as it said. I found it nice and fruity and with lots of bubbles.
Pregnancy craving!!! 😋
Ohhhh yummy!!! I was obsessed with this fizzy when I was pregnant!!! Now I’m not pregnant I’m still in love with this fizzy lol! Love the pineapple flavour with a pop of fizz!
Love to mix it with lemonade and also by itself is tasty and the children love it
Great option
Love getting this option especially when we have family dinners and kids around! Saves mixing them yourself and tastes delicious
Not the best
I wasn’t a fan of this juice. It tastes like it’s been shaken up and gone flat. My children didn’t like it much either.

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