Softlan Intense Perfume Eternal Concentrated Fabric Softener

4.8 5 0 99 99 全新的Softlan Intense Perfume Eternal Concentrated Fabric Softener,具有4倍更香芬芳。受香水美妙的启发,开放具有天鹅绒特色的浓郁果香花香——即覆盆子x草莓与樱花x玉兰花的相结合,将成就这款永恒的经典。它还能保护您的织物,使其得到保护和滋养,使衣服更柔软,更容易熨烫。
Softlan Intense Perfume Eternal Concentrated Fabric Softener


Everlasting Floral Fragrance
Loved this softener. Just 1 small capful is enough for a 12-kg load of "smelly" laundry. Fragrance stays on for a few days and even after wearing clothes for the whole day.
Perfume softener
I always used another liquid softener but doesn’t smell like this one. The fragrance smells luxury and long lasting on your clothes. Just put small amount on the cap of the bottle and you good to go. Trust me it’s the best softener you ever smells. Recommended !
Lovely softness, great fragrance
Softlan Intense Perfume Eternal Fabric Softener is a wonderful addition to my laundry routine. It delivers a lovely softness that's noticeable right away. The fragrance is long-lasting and delightful. My clothes feel cozy and smell fantastic, even after days. It's effective, and a little goes a long way. I'm giving it four stars because it's close to perfection – just a tad more fragrance intensity would make it a solid 5!
Softlan intense perfume
Saya dah gunakannya, sangat wangi.. guna sikit saja, bau wangi yang berpanjangan
Guna sikit je bau dah sedap. Saja beli sebab nak cuba tak sangka pula bau dia wangi sampai suami pun puji . Hehehe
Suka guna softlan ni baju bau wangi sangat..Baju pon lembut je ..Yang best bau wangi kekal sepanjang hari..
good product
suka sangat pakai jenama softlan . bau wangi .tahan lama . baju kurang kedutan .lembut je
Softlan Fabric Softener
Sangat wangi! Itu gambaran saya pada softlan fabric softener. Ia juga lembut pada kulit dan selamat. Bauannya juga tahan lama dan pakaian tidak berbau masam. Recommend buat semua keluarga.
Wangi yang berpanjangan
Best guna soflan ini. Walaupun badan berpeluh tapi wangian soflan tetap ada kat baju. Baju pun licin dan lembut saja
Wangi macam pakai perfume !
Suka sangat softlan ini. Bau yang sangat harum dan wangi menyegarkan. Pakaian semua menjadi lembut dan wangi macam pakai perfume. Harumannya kekal lama dipakaian.
Betul2 wangiii.......
Sangat efektiff.....,bau kekal sepanjang hari,baju lembut dan mudah diurus...pilihan terbaik,dengan harga yang berpatutan...tak perlu berbelanja lebihhh
Wangi yang tahan lama
Softlan Intense Perfume Eternal Concentrated Fabric Softener harga agak mahal tapi berbaloi seban baju akan kekal wangi agak lama. Bau perfume agak kuat. Best sangat. Sesuai untuk semua
Smells great
I like this range, particularly this smell. The smell last longer compare than the other type of softener. Leaving fabrics soft and smells nice.
I love softlan so much. currently they sold the cheaper one and expensive one. the one in the picture is expensive one. i can say the smell last long on my cloth and the smell is better than the cheaper one. you should try!
Perfume-like scent
I love the smell of this softener because it has a strong perfume like fragrance which lasts long in the clothing. The smell of the fragrance would still be there after drying. I hope they sell it in 3L volume as well.


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