Vaporisateur nasal hydraSense Eucalyptus

4,7 5 0 52 52 hydraSense Soulagement ultra de la congestion contre la congestion nocturne agit rapidement et efficacement pour dégager les voies nasales congestionnées sans les dessécher afin d’aider à mieux respirer et à dormir. Soulage la congestion nasale nocturne associée au rhume ou aux allergies. Soulagement de la congestion éprouvé en clinique avec la sensation agréable de fraîcheur de l’eucalyptus. hydrasense Soulagement ultra de la congestion soulage la congestion nocturne avec de l’eau de mer hypertonique, non diluée et stérile de source naturelle qui ne contient aucun médicament ni agent de conservation. La solution saline hydraSense n’entraîne pas d’accoutumance et peut aussi réduire l’utilisation de décongestionnants nasaux médicamenteux.
Vaporisateur nasal hydraSense Eucalyptus


super éfficace
J'ai adoré la simplicité et l'efficacité du produit. Tout au long de la nuit, il a gardé son efficacité afin que je puisse bien dormir sans avoir le nez congestionner. Je recommande
Congestion Reliever
Tried it and also used on our kid. Helps ease congestion particularly in kids.
Douce méthode
Bon produit!! Jet d'eau très doux! Facile à utiliser ! Laisse un petit gout sur la langue par contre! Efficace.
I suffer from seasonal allergies; and have been using nasal sprays for years. This product woks so good. Easy to use.
Does the trick, I suffer from asthma and I get congested. Using this product is a safe way to clear my sinuses when I need it without harsh medecine.
Amazing relief
Amazing relief for nighttime congestion . Great for all family members when sick or just stuffy. We always keep on hand as we know it works so well ! Would recommend for sureb
It is a good health care product. It is good for people looking for relief from nasal blockage.It is easy to use. It gives lasting relief.
My doctor recommended me as I have sinus. I’m a resident of Calgary and the weather is very dry. Also during the summers there’s smoke caused by the wild fires. The nasal spray help my congested nose at night. It’s such a relief.
Strong Product
If you don’t mind the salt content, then this would work great for you. It is a bit salty for my sinuses but it does the job nevertheless.
Clean sweep
This works so well... clears out the nose and has you able to breathe in seconds ... a bit scary for kids but once they realize it's not so bad .. and it helps them feel better they calm down and thank you hahaha
Excellent taste!!
Love the initial taste and after taste! Don’t leave your mouth feeling dry.
HydraSense nighttime has made the world of difference in my nighttime snoring. Then on habit forming sea water really helps ease the congestion and funniness I suffer when the nighttime allergies kick in. Would recommend.
I like it because its a very well product for me and my family
Good nights sleep
Works very effectively to clear sinus congestion due to allergies and sniffles. Non habit forming, doesn’t damage mucus membranes in nose. Natural ingredients that do the job.
Efficace et doux, hydrate et soulage. Recommandé par mon médecin


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