Sirop Reactine Allergies

4,8 5 0 276 276 Obtenez un soulagement rapide et durable de divers symptômes d'allergies saisonnières et annuelles avec le sirop Reactine Allergies. Conçu pour agir pendant 24 heures, cet antihistaminique liquide à base de chlorhydrate de cétirizine soulage : éternuements, écoulement nasal, obstruction nasale, démangeaisons au nez/à la gorge, picotements oculaires, larmoiement, démangeaisons allergiques et urticaire. Adultes et enfants de plus de 12 ans : 5 ml ou 10 ml par jour. Adultes de plus de 65 ans : 5 ml par jour. Cette délicieuse formule à saveur de raisin blanc ne contient ni alcool, ni colorants ni saccharose.
Sirop Reactine Allergies


I have seasonal allergies and it worked great , Definitely a keeper
Helped to prevent allergies and taken after the reaction had started lessen symptoms to a more manageable sniffle.
This is my go to when I have allergies. I am always hiking somewhere up north and love that it can clear up my allergies in no time.
Highly recommend
This is quick and easy to consume. Highly recommend for people who don’t like pills or want to get quick results. Liquid gave me fast and quick results after consuming it.
Dog saver
I have a dog that I am allergic to and without reactine that poor pooch would not be able to stay in my home! I take it daily and could not do without. It handles most of my pet allergy issues thank goodness
Liked it
I have bad allergies but this product, it was nice to breathe for sure.
Easy to carry
I really like the syrup, i can take it anywhere with me, easy to take fast reaction because Sometimes we need a full and rapid action it’s just perfect I keep one in my purse and in the backpack of my daughter
Does as promised
Does exactly as it says it will. Stops allergies for 24 hrs and non drowsy
I have seasonal allergies and the severity varies from year to year. I have been taking Reactine for the past couple of years now and find that the liquid version is effective. I take it once a day and my allergies are kept at bay for the entire day.
Relief from my allergies
This has helped a lot. My allergies are under control. Very highly recommend this product.
glad i tried
just a small pill and works so well. works right away and feel better for longer
I personally have year round allergy and I have taken this product for as long as I can remember and it works great! Definitely will continue to use it.
Very good for allergies
This product is very good if you have allergies. It works quite well for common allergy symptoms. I would recommend it for anyone who has allergies and want something that is quick and easy to take.
Tres efficace pour les allergies. ( éternuements et yeux rouges). Rapide et facile à prendre. Pas de somnolence
allergy relief
I used this product last allergy season for seasonal allergies and allergy to my many cats. I found it easy to use at a reasonable price and it tasted good for a liquid application.


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