Neutrogena Deep Clean Lingettes Visage

4,3 5 0 274 274 Lingettes enlever la saleté, l'huile, et le maquillage. Pratique pour le nettoyage quotidien.
Neutrogena Deep Clean Lingettes Visage


Staple in my Bathroom
Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wipes are a game-changer! These wipes are like a magic eraser for makeup, dirt, and oil – they just vanish! Plus, they're super gentle on your skin, so no need to worry about irritation. The best part? No yucky residue left behind, so you can skip the rinse and get on with your day feeling fabulous. Trust me, these wipes are a total must-have for your skincare routine – you'll thank me later!
Its really good as a makeup wipe for daily use. no breakouts , no pimples.
Make up removers
Great product, does what it says it will do. Leave you feeling fresh and most of all clean
Gentle but powerful make up wipe
This was the perfect addition to my evening routine. It removes make effectively leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean. This make up wipe was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. The formula is light, non-greasy, and doesn't leave any residue, making it suitable for all skin types. My waterproof mascara and all day foundation were easy to remove without having to scrub my skin.
Good for on-the-go, bad for skin
I’ve used this on vacations and it’s great are removing the surface level makeup. This isn’t entirely good for my skin tho. I feel it’s quite harsh. I recommend this to people who NEED it (no access to regular Micellar water).
Nice when in a hurry
This gets my face clean and removes makeup when I am in a hurry or just too tired to wash my face. Has a nice smell and is very convenient to take when on the go.
Cleans everything out of your face!
First of all, this is not for sensitive skin. It absolutely cleans everything out of your face (including your moisture barrier). I wouldn’t use it every day but it is convenient at the end of the day.
Deep clean
These facial cleansing wipes are a game-changer! They effortlessly remove makeup and impurities, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and clean. They're super convenient for on-the-go skincare or when you're too tired for a full cleansing routine. Plus, they're gentle on my skin and don't leave any sticky residue.
for the face
I have tried the Orville Redenbacher pop corn and I did try the Aveeno skin care products.
facial clensers
this was one of the better cleansers i have ever used, it took off make up without scrubbing it of and left my fave nice and smooth and clean feeling
Great Face Refresher
Used this and loved it, the only reason it gets 4 stars is the fact that they dry out too fast.
Great for on-the-go
This product is great to use if you are on-the-go or going on a short trip. They help you feel fresh and are quite good at removing make up. You can also use it when applying make up to fix any mistakes with eyeliner etc. The only downside to make up wipes is that they are not as good for your skin long term as a liquid product.
Handy for removing eye make up but did not do much for the face.
Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wipes
I recently tried Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wipes, and I must say, I was impressed. These wipes are perfect for removing dirt, oil, and makeup from your face quickly and easily. The textured surface of the wipes effectively cleanses the skin without leaving any residue. I appreciate that they are gentle on my skin and don't cause any irritation or dryness. The packaging is convenient and makes it easy to use on-the-go or while traveling. Overall, I highly recommend Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wipes to anyone looking for an efficient, gentle, and convenient way to cleanse their skin. The only reason I give it a four-star rating instead of five is that I found the scent to be a bit strong for my liking.
They do their job for sure! Perfect to clean your hands when you are not at home or your face!

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