Google Nest Audio - Enceinte intelligente avec Google Assistant

4,4 5 0 35 35 Google Nest Audio - Enceinte intelligente avec Google Assistant - Sable. Créez un système audio domestique et remplissez votre maison de son. Écoutez de la musique en stéréo ou partout dans la maison. Le Nest Audio fonctionne avec vos autres haut-parleurs et écrans Nest, vos appareils compatibles avec le Chromecast, ou vos haut-parleurs compatibles. Et la configuration se fait facilement. Grâce au woofer, au tweeter et au logiciel de réglage de Nest Audio, des voix nettes et des basses puissantes remplissent votre pièce. Nest Audio est 75 % plus puissant que le Google Home d’origine et ses basses sont 50 % plus puissantes. Demandez simplement à Google de lire des chansons, des listes de lecture, des podcasts et des livres audio à partir de services de streaming populaires. Remplissez votre maison du son provenant de toutes vos enceintes et écrans Nest. Et diffusez des messages, discutez entre les pièces et passez des appels.
Google Nest Audio - Enceinte intelligente avec Google Assistant


Great little speaker
I use this speaker everywhere in the house. I am able to use it in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, main room and well pretty much anywhere I can plug it in! I love it and it actually has great output. Music is not to tin like and actually sounds decent. I like being able to google anything I want as well.
Great product for entertaining
This is a great entertainment product if you ate into music this is a must have item in your household. We have it in each floor of our house.
Love this product
I'm thoroughly impressed with the Google Assistant integration. The speaker responds quickly and accurately to voice commands, allowing me to control my smart home devices, play music, set timers, and more. The AI is also surprisingly good at understanding natural language and context. Pros: Excellent sound quality Reliable voice recognition with Google Assistant Robust smart home integrations Compact design Affordable price point
Deep room filling sound
I really like this speaker because it is a definite step up from previous generations of similar smart speakers from Google. The sound is Rich and room filling and with a variety of apps to play from it's er definitely a must buy.
Excellent device
Sound quality is much better than the smaller Next Mini devices. Easy to install and integrate with other smart devices.
Google Nest Audio
It’s enjoyable to listen to, easy to fit into a variety of places in a home, and can be extended with stereo pairing or multiroom configurations with other Nest speakers and smart displays. The only downside is the compact size limits the punch of bass and volume output but overall its an oustanding product
So much better than the mini
I wasn’t expecting much from this speaker because the mini was very meh but the sound quality was actually pretty good. I wish it was more compatible with devices but overall I’m happy with it
Keeps following tvs direction
My daughter has one in her family room. It’s a very large room with the tv at the opposite end. Every once in a while it picks up an instruction from the tv “Play …..”
Used to function better
Audio quality is great but lately I find the Google assistant is getting worse. We have Nest minis all through the house and if we try to broadcast to a specific room it will tell us we have no room named that even though we definitely do. Sometimes it will answer my wife and one of my son's with an Indian accent and we can't figure out why...
Tried it
Not bad but you have to have YouTube premium. And it's always listening to you
Ok speaker
It is very interesting product. It looks very odd and fits not well in the space I wanted to put it. I think that the designers could have put more work in the design. Also it doesn't always recognise my voice. Overall it is a ok product if you are interested in technology.
Decent speaker, price not attractive
It's a great speaker, but for the price point. You're better off getting a nest hub max. Better sound and similar price since it's been out for awhile.
Great device
Great device it is a amazing way to get ahold of bixby
Amazing sound quality for its size, great for getting the chorus around the house done. Seems to work best with YouTube premium account
Love it
Great for music and finding out answers to and random questions u may have about anything


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