Apple Homepod Mini

4,5 5 0 68 68 Regorgeant d’innovations, le HomePod Mini d’Apple remplit toute la pièce d’un son riche à 360 degrés. Placez plusieurs haut-parleurs dans la maison pour un système audio connecté. Siri, votre assistant intelligent préféré, vous aide à accomplir vos tâches quotidiennes et à contrôler votre maison intelligente de façon privée et sécuritaire.
Apple Homepod Mini


Great Sound
I am overall happy with this speaker as I love my apple products however I find that it doesn't respond as quickly as my other similar speaker of a different brand. I often have to repeat my request a number of times before it responds or gets it right. Once we get it playing the sound is nice.
Awesome sound
Fantastic sound, sounds like there’s speakers everywhere in the room
Little n cute
For a small speaker this is very loud and small and convenient for a small work desk or shelf. I would definitely buy this again
Great sound for something it's size
While it may sound cheesy, but at the size of an actual Apple the HomePod Mini has been the perfect little speaker for having in a small office space. The sound has always been clear and fills the room nicely. The only thinsg that can get a bit annoying, personally, is the controls can be a bit too touch sensitive at times and Siri really could use some revisions to it's answer engine
Next best multiroom audio vs Sonos !
I personally have 7 of these all over my house… 1 in each bedroom and 2 for my tv instead of a sound bar and 1 in the kitch and 1 out in my garage in the backyard and by doing it this way I get not only multi room audio I also get a very solid HomeKit signal for all my devices as well as they all recognize who’s talking to them for commands because I set up apple ids for everyone in the house. They are pretty cheap compared to Sonos and for under $1000 I have outfitted my whole house with them.
Perfect addition to the apple ecosystem
I recently purchased an Apple Homepod Mini to add to my office setup. For reference, I am quite invested in the Apple ecosystem, so the Homepod made the most sense for my needs. I have absolutely loved the integration with the rest of my devices, switching inputs is fast and simple, and there is little to no input lag when connected to any device. Sound wise, it definitely beats out the built-in MacBook speakers and has good presence in the room without sounding overly bass-boosted as some small speakers try to do. It lacks a bit of clarity in the high end, but for the price, is more than adequate enough in terms of sound stage. If you are deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, this is far and away the best speaker for the price.
Apple does it again!
Love this product! Great addition to the Apple eco system! Ability play my music through them, use them as intercoms through out the house. Also use it for the automation for home kit product using Siri for voice commands! Best little investment!
Beau,Sécuritaire et Pratique
Ca fait environ 1 an que nous avons notre Homepod Mini et je l'adore. Nous avons choisi d'acheter un Homepod mini puisque c'était un des seules appareil qu'on peut utiliser pour contrôler notre maison intelligente en tout sécurité et en toute confidentialité. Le Homepod mini analyse super bien ce qu'on lui dit. Le son est de très bonnes qualités aussi et le volume peu être très fort aussi. Il peut jouer des poste de radio et de la musique dans notre apple music libary. Mais si tu lui demande de mettre de la musique qui est sur Spotify, YouTube ou autres, ca ne fonctionne pas. Parcontre, tu peux toujours Airplay de ton Iphone ou Ipad. Enplus, J'adore le look du Homepod mini.
Very Happy With It
This little gadget compares very well to the Echo. Easy to program, the app is easy to use and I like that it can connect to wifi and has blue tooth capabilities. We have three in our home and it is one of those products you didn't realize you needed until you get it!
Better than all competitors, fast to ser up, easy to.use, amazing!
great purchase
i’m saving up to buy one of these. i don’t have one personally but my mom does and she won’t stop showing me all the cool things it does and how great it is! my mom isn’t a tech savvy person and she says this is easy to set up and use!
Very Convenient
I keep this on my work desk. I love how easy it is to just tap my phone ( iPhone) on it and my music transfers . It’s also a perfect size. All I can say to make it better is to have a wider variety of colors.
Convenient hands free
Love the ease of using these. I have a few throughout my home. Music feature is great
Love it
Bin froh das meine Mutter mir das Ding geholt hat hab es so geliebt… leider ist es mir bei einem Umzug kaputt gegangen… würde es mir immer wieder neu holen und das ohne wenn und aber …
a match for you all
it does not really matter if you own an iphone or not, you can still use this product to its highest proficiency with every product even Samsung or other brands. give it a try. you will not regret it

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