VEET® Pure Sugar Wax Kit – Argan Oil

4.3 5 0 13 13 Experience long lasting smoothness for up to 4 weeks with our VEET PURE Argan Oil Sugar Wax for body & face. Formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin including Argan Oil known for its softening properties. VEET PURE sugar wax is designed to give you high quality hair removal at home, leave you with moisturised skin and a PURE feeling.
VEET® Pure Sugar Wax Kit – Argan Oil


perfect for wax beginers
this veet sugar wax is perfect for those who are wanting to start waxing but arent sure if they can handle the pain, virtually painless & easy to work with. love using this on my legs
Quick and easy to use
These were easy to use however they leave a sticky residue behind.
These did not work for me. They were dry, maybe expired?
Girlfriend loves this
I can definatly tell the diffrence in smoothness when she shaves from when she uses this to wax the wax is way way smoother and lasts way way longer then shaving i like when she uses this compared to shaving
Had to buy cause never let me try
I 100% stand behind the Veet waxing kits! Honestly the best use your self product that gives you the was just at the beauty shop results, like the pro's had done it for you.. depending on where you buy grocery stores pad the price quite badly on Veet waxing kits, but boy the results are awesome!
Veet Sugar wax
Just save yourself the time and use a razor. This does not work unless your hair in longer and I'm not about to wait till it gets to that point to try and remove it. It took a few stray hairs off and I still ended up having to shave.
Worked Good but....
Worked good but left a little redness afterwards. Over all the product was easy to use. See my photo for results.
very good
One of the best depilatory waxes I have used, I almost always buy the cream but the depilatory wax makes the smooth skin effect last much longer. I love this one because it leaves my skin soft like a baby. I just bought it but I have used it before - Veet Natural Inspirations Warm Wax with Argan Oil the bands are reusable, wash them with warm water and you can use them next time
I actually love this!
This is one of the best hair removal sugar waxes. Although it can be uncomfortable, it leaves such soft smooth skin! It smells amazing and is easy to use! 10/10!
pas de poils pas de mal
J'ai utilisé cette cire une fois et je l'ai appréciée. Elle retire les poils même les plus courts et laisse la peau douce et hydratée. Je suis tranquille pour 3 semaines
Great for sensitive skin
I have tried various other waxing products that removed skin, were highly irritating and didn’t wash off but I am so thankful I found this. This sugar wax is prefect for my super sensitive skin: less painful than other waxes, simple to use, and washes off with water if there is any excess!
VEET Pure Sugar Wax Kit – Argan Oil is a great alternative to going to the salon to wax. Take a hot second to learn how to apply without making a mess but once you do, it’s fast it’s easy and relatively painless. Would recommend
works well
I have used VEET products for three decades. I am not a fan of argan oil, the scent, but this product does not smell bad, and it does work as described. It is easy to use. I find VEET products smell much better than another popular line out there. I will always go with this product line than any other.

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