Parissa Wax Strips Face & Lip

4.3 5 0 70 70 Parissa Wax Strips Face & Lip are perfectly sized for areas like the upper lip, jawline, chin and cheeks! These wax strips are super easy to use: simply press on and zip off for smooth skin for up to 6 weeks.
Parissa Wax Strips Face & Lip


I use these all the time for my eyebrows and making sure I don’t have a moustache! Love how easy they are to use!
Parissa face wax strips
Easy to use, grabs well onto even the finest of facial hair. Easy clean up no sticky residue. Would definitely use again.
Easy peasy
Easy to use. No fuss. Does a great job. I just wish there were different sizes and more oil.
I prefer the pen
This wax is good, but I prefer the pen for precision and accuracy. If it’s a larger area the strips are good, but with smaller areas I find you can get it as accurately placed.
Gets the job done!
Of all the brands, this was my favourite. So quick & easy to use, always have them on hand - with the strips being clear, it helped with placement as well. I also would use a hair dryer to heat them up!
Im a blonde but I get quite a lot of upper lip hair... even tho its blonde it still needs to go. The creams sometimes really irritate my skin. These strips are great in one quick swoop its all gone and no irritation.
The Best Of The Bunch
I have not needed to go to a salon since I discovered this product. I have been using Parissa Face & Lip Wax Strips for 4 years now and after years of trying to find a home wax strip kit I now have the product which delivers everything I need. Easy to use, these wax strips allow for accurate and effective shaping of the eye brows, with little opportunity of messing them up. Pain free shaping that requires no skill to use, I highly recommend this product.
Perfect for Eyebrows/Upperlip
The sizing of these wax strips are perfect for waxing your upper lip and eyebrows. I saved a ton of money from the salons doing my eyebrows and Upperlip at home. It has a very nice wax remover so you have no residue leftover and it was sensitive enough that I didn't have a lot of redness. Most importantly I didn't have to go over the same spot trying to do the hair removal.
I love these
These are soooo convenient and easy to use. And they work good too. You can reuse the strip a few times before it’s no good! I use the body wax strips for my legs and armpits as well
Easy for removing facial hair
I must always have these on hand as I have thick eyebrows that grow in very fast and having this product I can quickly and easily with little pain and no mess clean up my eyebrows or get rid of any other facial hair I will continue to buy just because they at that fast easy for me to use at home
Great product!
The strips are great. Get the job done with out much irritation but the only thing is the actual strips are way to small. I get the bigger ones and cut to size;)
My favourite wax for my face. Love!
I have been using the Parissa wax for my face for years! It works great to get the tiny hairs, and it never leaves irritating bumps. I like that it doesn’t need wax strips. I use it for my eyebrows and upper lip. Recently my dad has even used it to deal with some unruly nose hairs. I guess it has many uses. ;)
Long lasting results
This product is so much easier than going to a salon and the results are excellent! No preparation required - it pulled the hair out without irritating my skin. It didn't even leave my skin red. Best hair removal strips I've used.
Good alternative to a professional wax
I love to use these on my chin and upper lip. They really stick to the skin and do a great job of removing even the most thickest of hairs. My only complaint is they leave a bit of a sticky residue. The oil is alright with removing the residue, but not 100%. Despite that these are one of the best hair removing strips on the market.
very good
The strips do what they are suppose to. They are easy to use and easy to set up. And it comes with a blue liquid that smells actually really nice. The liquid you use to remove the excess wax. Overall I prefer this to a wax warmer and machine. Less accidents with this compared to hot wax. very good

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