Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening 100mL

4.3 5 0 6 6 Sensodyne toothpaste is clinically proven to build relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth.Brush with Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening twice daily to freshen breath, prevent cavities, reduce tartar build-up, remove plaque, and help restore teeth to their natural whiteness.
Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening 100mL


Resolve tooth sensitivity
This is a a go to toothpaste for us. Sensodyne helps to relieve tooth sensitivity issues and leaves your mouth feeling really clean. We love the texture of this toothpaste and the minty taste. I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from tooth sensitivity issues.
Been using for years
This is the only toothpaste my husband and I will ever use. It really does work for our tooth sensitivity and the added bonus is the whitening. At my last dental appointment, my dentist commented on the whiteness of my teeth! Other than brushing 2x/day with the toothpaste, I am not using any other whitening treatment. My only complaint is that I wish it had a stronger mint flavour.
Best for the mouth
This is like the only toothpaste I can use and not have my gum or mouth feeling funny after a couple of use. It gets me is the best way to summarize it and I’m hooked for a very long time.
This toothpaste is excellent
I have really sensitive teeth and I have to use this toothpaste everyday!! I love this one because now I have whiter teeth!! I really recommend this product if you have sensitive teeth and want to make them whiter!!
Freshness and sensitivity
One of my favourite toothpastes. I made the switch to Sensodyne years ago and I never looked back. It provided me with long-lasting freshness every time I stepped out of the house. My teeth were sensitive to hot and cold drinks. That disappeared when I started using Sensodyne whitening toothpaste.
Recommended by dentist
The texture is a little weird, it does not feel like a regular toothpaste would. It's a bit grainy, but it's not that bad! It works great however, and really helps with my sensitive teeth. I love this product,

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