Colgate® Kids Liquid Gel 2-in-1 Watermelon Burst Toothpaste

4.3 5 0 154 154 Colgate Kids Watermelon Burst combines toothpaste and mouthwash into one gel in an easy to dispense formula for less mess and more fun! It provides proven cavity and enamel protection like a toothpaste while freshening breath with Watermelon Burst like a mouthwash. This bright and colorful package combined with a fun watermelon flavor will encourage your kids to brush for a lifetime of bright smiles.
Colgate® Kids Liquid Gel 2-in-1 Watermelon Burst Toothpaste


Muy bueno
A mi hija le encanta lavar sus dientes con esta crema dental ,es su favorita ,tiene buen sabor y además deja sus dientes muy limpios
Kids Favourite
This is my daughter's favourite toothpaste. She loves the flavor and requests this kind when we need to purchase a new toothpaste.
All I heard is yucky
My kids disliked the taste as my kids described it tasting like fake watermelon. I can’t say I heard anything great about the product. The flavour needs to be improved. I wouldn’t recommend the watermelon toothpaste as the taste could turn your kids away from eating watermelon.
Kids love it
My daughters love this toothpaste, it’s a must have in our house. It’s the first toothpaste my kids use on their own without having to be reminded and over to brush their teeth.
Makes Brushing a great time
I bought this for my 3.5yrold daughter and she only spends one night a week with me but almost every time she asks me if she can brush her teeth much before dinner and I have to say she has to wait till after she eats. That's how good it is! Good job!
Kids colgate
I was impressed with this kid Colgate because I buy this for my grandson and he was so fussy, he didn't like anything so he said you try it first and it's really good a good taste. So that's the only one that my grandson like.
Great, Fresh Taste
Even as adults , we love a different fresh taste. Try it you will like it also. One of my new goto tooth pastes.?
They Brush!!
Love this toothpaste ! it is the only one my grandsons will use. To me that is the main bonus they like it and will actually use it.
Good starter toothpaste after 2 yrs old
Decent tooth paste but very artificial flavour. Would prefer something less sweet and more natural.
Watermelon tooth paste
My grand babies love this tooth paste and use it everyday
Kids like it
My children like it, it leaves them with good breath, the only thing I would change is that it is very liquid and this is why the children make a lot of mess using it.
Colgate kids
Well I have used Colgate since before I can even remember, so as soon as I had my own children of course Colgate was my first go to and I have not been disappointed yet!! My children love this brand too , you could put any toothpaste in front of them and I guarantee they will pick Colgate everytime.
Unique Flavor for Kids
My son liked this flavor of toothpaste and preferred it over others he has tried. It comes down to personal preference but it's nice to have some unique options for kids toothpaste.
Tastes bad
My kids did not like the taste at all. The brand is usually our favourite but not this flavour.
Clean Teeth!
This wasn't a favourite for my kids, they weren't crazy about the flavour however it did clean their teeth well.

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