Quaker Apples & Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal

4.4 5 0 292 292 Do you like apples - So do we. That's why we've mixed the tart sweetness of apples and subtle spice of cinnamon with our wholesome Quaker Oats. Made with 100% Whole Grain Canadian Oats, and providing a source of iron and 5 other essential vitamins and minerals, this is one breakfast you can feel good about. One packet (33 g) of Quaker Instant Oatmeal supplies 30% of the daily amount of the fibres shown to help reduce cholesterol.
Quaker Apples & Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal


Family fave
Have been buying this brand and flavour for years. Filling and nutritious.
Quick breakfast
The apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal makes for a quick breakfast. The apples and cinnamon complement each other. The oatmeal has a soft consistency. I find the price is steep for 8 small portions.
Good flavour
Good flavour..............................................
Yummy Breakfast
These are my favorite go to quick breakfast! I love the taste, and they fill me up, so I'm not hungry again in 20 minutes.
Tastes great!
This was the only way I could get my daughter to eat oatmeal growing up. She loved this flavour. She now buys it for camping all the time. So quick and easy to make.
One of our favourite flavours of instant oatmeal. I do find it a bit too sweet for my liking but mix it with a plain unflavoured packet to help reduce the sweetness and make it more enjoyable.
Great Staple
I've eaten this as a snack, breakfast, lunch and even dinner with bananas mixed in. Great for low calorie dieters who want more flavour and a bit of fruit.
Move Over Peaches and Cream
THIS is the best of the Quaker oatmeal flavours. I always reach for these ones when we get the multi-pack and have since switched to the apple-only box. They're such a great way to start a morning or combine with half a mushed banana, baked, for easy baby cookies! They can be a bit sweet though, so add some plain oats if you have them for the perfect instant breakfast
A delicious hug in a bowl!
This is a delicious oatmeal. In my opinion the best flavour of the Quaker Instant oatmeals. This is a quick & easy to prepare breakfast that tastes great and fills you up. If you like oatmeal, give this flavour a try.
Quaker is the best!
Quaker is my absolute favorite brand of oatmeal - apple cinnamon being one of the staple flavors. This has been my go to flavour for oatmeal since I was teenager, and I don't see that changing any time soon!
Tide me by before main meal
Very helpful when I am hungry and could not have my main meal yet
Instant hot apple goodness
Been eating these instant oatmeals from Quaker for decades, long time classic. I always made with whole milk which gives it the right creaminess.
My favorite flavourful, the little chunks of apple are delicious and the taste of cinnamon keeps me reaching for it whenever I want oatmeal.
Easy n quick
Kids and I love it. So easy to make. We love trying new flavors
Delicious and fast
I love these instant oatmeal packets. Just add hot water and mix. It’s on the sweet side but you can add other stuff like flax seed, chia seed, nuts or fruits to it and it will taste even better.

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