Codral Cold & Flu Tablets

4.4 5 0 177 177 Codral Relief Cold & Flu Decongestant tablets provide effective and fast relief from cold & flu symptoms. Non drowsy cold and flu tablets for headaches and fever, body aches and pains and nasal decongestant for blocked or runny nose.
Codral Cold & Flu Tablets


It works!
Very effective in stopping a runny nose, headaches and helping ease the effects of a cold or flu. It is my go to product for relief. Highly recommended!
Codral Cold & Flu Tablets
Codral Cold & Flu Tablets have been a reliable companion during my bouts of illness. These tablets provide quick and effective relief from cold and flu symptoms, helping me get back on my feet sooner. The formula targets congestion, headaches, and body aches, providing much-needed comfort. While they are powerful, they are also easy to swallow. I've found that they don't leave me feeling drowsy, which is a definite plus. While they are not the most budget-friendly option, their effectiveness makes them a worthwhile investment. Codral Cold & Flu Tablets have become a go-to remedy for battling those pesky seasonal bugs. Highly recommended for fast and effective relief! Always consult with the GP or Pharmacist for the safety profile.
Ineffective nasal decongestant
This is basically just paracetamol, phenylephrine is scientifically proven ineffective when taken orally. Basically you’re paying for Panadol and a placebo. Waste of time and money
Just what you need
This is my go to when I'm under the weather. I find that relieves my symptoms enough during the day that it helps me stay focused and on task.
my no 1 choice
i use this when i get a cold or flue, gets me through the day and allows me to go to work, does not make me drowsy like others. and its a good product.
Always my go to
Who hasn't said to their partner " I feel like I have the flu! Can you grab Mr some codral" because it's that bloody good
Just OK
I personally have given this product a 3/5 purely because I believe the affects of these cold and flu tablets are no different to taking panadol and nurofen when sick. My pockets hurt when I have bought these cold and flu tablets and found that i have greater effect just taking nurofen and having a warm tea. The reason why I haven’t rated these tablets lower than 3/5 is because the night time tablets do help you sleep and when you are sick that’s all you want to do.
Remarkable product
I just recently had a slight cold for 3day and was unable to do daily routine ect, my friend suggested I try as I was in to my second energy all blocked and fever. After having a a couple, they cleared my nasal passages aand instant reli, so what should I do?
Codral Cold & Flu Tablets
I recently tried Codral Cold & Flu Tablets, and they were a game-changer in relieving my cold and flu symptoms. These tablets offer fast and effective relief from the discomfort associated with colds and the flu. What impressed me the most about these tablets was their fast-acting nature. Within a short period of taking them, I experienced noticeable relief from my symptoms. They helped reduce my nasal congestion, ease my headaches, and relieve my general discomfort, allowing me to carry on with my day more comfortably.
works good even during sickness
I bought these and decided to give them a try because I had the worst cold. I have a sore throat and yellow phlegm. I took 2 at once whilst I was sick and I noticed that my symptoms decreased. Obviously, they dont work instantly but they defiantly shortened the span of my sickness. I would reccomend taking them when you feel symptoms of cold and this will help to stop it from getting worse
Great Early Intervention
I find these tablets great for early intervention when at the start of a cold or flu. They are non drowsy but quick and effective especially to help with body aches and chills. They are a staple item in our household and our first option when we are feeling under the weather. I find them good value and easy to source from local supermarkets.
Strong and Effective
When I had a cold I tried these. I felt that these were a bit too strong for me. The tablets were easy to use though. Codral is a very high quality brand as well. The packaging also looked very professional!
The best cold and flu tablets
I used this religiously when sick recently and I can confirm it does wonders! I recovered quicker than ever before! I don’t think anything needs to change in this product, perhaps larger packs. I suggest you give these a go for a speedy recovery
Does it work?
We have used this product a few times, unsure if it helps or if the cold disappears when it's run its course. I like to think it helps, but only when used with other products
Always take these when I’m sick with a cold and they seem to help pain wise but I’m not completely convinced the decongestant works in these products though. I’d recommend for headaches, aches and pains

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