Knorr 2-in-1 Stew Mix Tasty Mutton & Veg with Robertsons Barbecue Spice

4,8 5 0 82 82 This Knorr 2-in-1 Stew Mix is a combination of a delicious Knorr Soup expertly blended with just the right amount of Robertsons Barbecue Spice.
Knorr 2-in-1 Stew Mix Tasty Mutton & Veg with Robertsons Barbecue Spice


Knorr 2in1
I don't have to put lot of it taste really good and thick for beef stew also the flavoring it's great
Knorr 2n 1
This soup doesn't need you to put that much in your meal, you only need a quarter of a teaspoon because it will make your meal to be more thick.
Knorr - Perfection every time when used
Knorr is one of my favourite soup mixes to buy, gives all dishes the perfect taste and thickens so nicely.
Knorr 2n 1
It's make delicious food and tasty . And its smell so divine
Taste good
This makes my dishes tastes so good. It makes my stews to be thick . My friend are always asking me why my food tastes good . I always gets these on special and buy alot because I cant cook my stews without it
Tasty mutton and veggies
My cooking has been umped up and became more easier with this combination. The best taste and flavor it brings towards my curries!
Cannot make a decent potjie without it
Thickens the stews, great as a soup as well. Can even be used as a spice
Males stew thick
I love the taste of mutton. the taste of mutton and vegetable is a great combination. and most importantly i love the how it makes the stew to be thick and the aroma it give the stew
Knorr 2-1 stew mix
Taste so good making any stew thicker and tastier the whole house lights up with flavor aromas
Mutton & Veg
I really love it for mutton stew or beef stew. Preferably mixed with milk and not water. You can never go wrong using this one. Its amazing.
Great soup, great smell
Adds more flavor to that stew making it look desirable and hearty, finger licking,the thickness and don't need to add a lot....a little goes a long way totally recommend
I have been cooking with it for the past 2 years it makes deliciously and tasty
Gave my mutton stew great flavor esp with chutney. Will recommend definitely.
Knorrox soup
One of the best I have used, it's soooo0 rich and thick. Small amount of it and your curry thickens very nicely and it add a great tasty flavour with just a small amount. A sachet last up to 5 meals👌
Leaving a rich and tasty taste in the stew, makes the stew a little thick

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