Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System Original

4,8 5 0 142 142 Helps to stop the spread of germs. Easy and convenient to use, the Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System helps to encourage good hand hygiene habits. The Dettol Refill is enriched with moisturising ingredients to help care for your skin and it protects against everyday germs.
Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System Original


Best product
Love using this product, so nice not to have to touch to get the soap out, so hygienic
I place mine by the bathroom door as well at dinner room near the passage so that each person can be sanitized
I placed it at both entrance doors in the house. I love that we do not have to touch it so we are safely sanitizing and move on to touch the taps and wash our hands properly with soap.
MVP in the bathroom
Figuring out how to open the battery compartment was a challenge but once that was done it was smooth sailing. Love that I don’t need to touch anything for the liquid to be dispensed. Refills can be pricy so buy them in bulk deals.
Love the no touch I have them at my front door & my office door
Dettol no touch handwash
Was so excited to try the no-touch handwash and it did not disappoint. Lasted quite a while depending how frequently it's used. We used ours in the kitchen. Gave it 4 stars because replacing the batteries is expensive
Great time for this
Definately a good product in these times. Non touch and sanitizer that is strong and smells goo.
No Touch
I am happy with the fact that there is no touching involved. Touch free hand wash makes it easier to spread a little less germs. It is a bit expensive but it's worth every penny.
Have been trying out many different sanitizers during covid. The no touch system is a great idea. This one seems to work well
Excellent product
Excellent product, modern, easy to use, my kind of product, easy for kids to use, little to no waste
Dettol No Touch
I used to purchase these years ago, but cannot say i have seen them on the shelves. Absolutely awesome for guests and kids at least it does not leave grubby soap stains all over. If i could find it in a shop in EL i would def purchase it again
99% germ killer
Absolutely the best.. I love how we never have to touch the container as it has this smart sensor... This means we have few to no chances of getting germs on our hands I would absolutely recommend this product
Dettol No Touch hand wash system
We as a family love this hygienic device so much as it keeps the area where you use it clean (no soap buildup on the basin) while cleaning the most used asset on the body (hands) without hassle.
Works great
This product is great, had one but after a while went to buy another one because got so used to it. My toddler especially likes using it and much easier for him to wash his own hands.
Dettol No-Touch
I did not have a good experience with this product. I bought 2 for both my bathrooms, but the one was faulty. They a bit expensive so I did not replace the faulty No-Touch Dettol.

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