Bakers Good Morning Choc Chip Rusks

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Bakers Good Morning Choc Chip Rusks


Goodmorning Choc Chip
It's never a Good morning, without (Good morning choc chip rusks) Even when you are in hurry, at home or at the office you will still enjoy your rusks with or without coffee they slap.
Perfect pairing for coffee.
I love these, the chocolate chips are delicious and the rusk is not overly sweet. Great with a cup of coffee.
They are crunchy and delicious, perfect with ur cup of coffee or tea
Choc chip rusks
They are crunchy and delicious, perfect with creamy coffee, my friends love them when they come over.
Love it!
A store had a promo going on for this product so of course they were giving us a free taste test, so ever since I tried it I have been buying these for my family and I.
Perfect on the go snack
Perfect on the go snack, the whole family liked it
I like taking this on cloudy days with coffee and they just warm my heart! The chic chips are nice when infused together with this get to go breakfast. My family loves this!!!!!
Great taste not too sweet
I like that is filling for people who dont like breakfast but not too sweet with the chocolate so it seems like your not having healthy snack
Crunchy and chocolate
Should be made smoother and with more chocolate Rusk should be healthy
Very nice
We tried it last month and it is delicious. I would highly recommend it
Bikers Heaven
We are a group of adventure bikers who love to go on weekends of climbing mountains and crossing rivers and valleys in the KZN Midlands and surrounds. Why am I telling you this??......... It has become an habit on our travels that every person are responsible for bringing certain items on the trip...... Coffee, Milk, Sugar, Kettle 1.5L bottled water and with no exception "Good Morning Choc Chip Rusks" There is nothing as pleasurable as a pit stop in the mountains sipping coffee and having one of these "Piece Of Heaven" Rusks.
Office treat
My husband loves to grab a pack or two every so often. It's the ideal office treat since it's neatly packed in a reusable plastic container,and rusks make the perfect, yummy dunker to go with afternoon tea
Bakers Good Morning Biscuits
A very healthy and convenient product. Nice for on the run breakfast.
Very nice
A bit on the sweet side for breakfast but very nice
good morning choc chip rusks
was pleasantly surprised with this product. I quite enjoyed the addition of choc chips in the rusks. great product would recommend

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