Protector Solar para Labios Banana Boat® SPF 45

4.5 5 0 119 119 Prepárate para unos labios suaves y protegidos. El Protector Solar para Labios Banana Boat con Aloe Vera y Vitamina E hidrata, acondiciona y protege esos labios tan sensibles. Este bálsamo labial ofrece protección de amplio espectro contra los rayos UVA/UVB. Aplica este bálsamo para hidratar y proteger tus labios. Con aloe vera y vitamina E, es ideal para uso diario.
Protector Solar para Labios Banana Boat® SPF 45


Can’t be without it!
I really think this is great. My lips never get sun burned. Definitely waterproof because I’m always in the pool. What can I say it’s great stuff I keep one in the car, my purse, beach bag and in my house! Can’t be without it!
Smooth lips all day long
Banana Boats lip spf is a game changer! Used to block the sun but great as an everyday chapstick as well. Great scent with locked in moisturizer! I have already recommended to all my family and friends!
Banana Boat Sunscreen Chapstick
Another great banana Boat Sunscreen product. It is easy to keep in my purse and quickly apply. People always forget their lip products for sunscreen, so I like to be able to keep it in my purse for anytime I might need it.
Can’t go wrong !
I love a SPF chapstick . Easy. on the go . i can just throw it in my bag. Flavor is very subtle not too strong Overall i love the feeling on my lips. Dryness and UV rays can’t get me
Te deja los labios hidratados Y suavecitos Te ayuda mucho cuando se siente muy deshidratados
Protects your lips
I use this lip balm all the time especially at the beach and playing pickleball. It protects your lips well and is very smooth
just Ok
This product does protect your lips well and initially has a great flavor/ scent but then comes a weird chemical taste in your mouth that I cannot get past. So yes, it protects from the sun but the aftertaste is yuck...
Went on smooth. It didn’t have a weird taste to it so that’s good. My lips felt hydrated all day, no sunburnt or chapped.
Soft lips
Great lip balm left my lips hydrated and soft it did last a little longer than other lip balms I have tried before, scent is delicious as well. I would recommend it
Great lip balm - feels good
Banana Boat sunscreen lip balm is easy to use and feels good. It felt like my lips were protected. Great for everyday use and when playing sports or out in the sun. Recommend highly.
Great lip balm
Wonderful product for the protection of your lips .
Love !!
I love Banana BoatLip Balm Sunscreen SPF 45! It's so easy to apply and keeps my lips feeling soft and protected from the sun. I always keep one in my purse.
Lip protection
I’ve never used lip products with sunscreen until I was in Mexico. I took the ferry and I was in full sun. By midday this girl knew what sunburn felt like. I had sun burn on my lips. I had applied sunscreen all over my skin, so I was protected everywhere except my lips. I had to buy the Banana Boat® Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 45 for the remainder of my trip. The only negative thing is it’s sweet.
Sun protection for your lips
When you put on sunscreen we don't think about our ears, our necks and our lips at least I don't. Maybe other companies have it but this is the first time I'm seeing a lip balm with SPF This is important since everywhere needs sun protection
Leaves an Aftertaste
This works well and both moisturizes my lips and protects them. It leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth sour when I use it which I have never had from a lip balm before. I won’t be purchasing this again.

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