Juguete para gatos Quirky Kitty Taco Tuesday - Paquete de 3

4.4 5 0 37 37 Los juguetes de peluche duraderos Quirky Kitty™ son la herramienta perfecta para ejercitar y entretener a gatos domésticos, hurones y otras mascotas pequeñas. Un papel arrugado especial en su interior captura la atención del gatito al crear un sonido que a todos los gatos les encanta. Rellenos con hierba gatera aromática de América del Norte y plata gatera libres de pesticidas, una planta 100% natural que tiene el doble de atrayentes que la hierba gatera; si a tu gato no le gusta la hierba gatera, la plata gatera es la respuesta.
Juguete para gatos Quirky Kitty Taco Tuesday - Paquete de 3


My cat loves them
I got these for my cat knowing he was going to love them. At first I wasnt sure if he did because no matter what I did he would purposely not look at them and not pay attention but I always catch him throwing them around and running with them when I am not looking lol.
Kitty toys
I found a precious little Siamese kitten in my backyard I assuming since we live in the country someone dropped it off for me to care for - since I do not have any young kittens i immediately went shopping for kitten items and thought she might like when I saw them, she more than liked she loved so much and plays everyday with them - I have to get more as she loves so much
amazing toys
these toys are so cute. my cat is obsessed with the hot sauce. i’ve never seen him love a toy so much
hours of fun
the kitty's and humans love tacos so why not taco kitty toys the cats loved them they are fun to play with your kitty with or kitty to play solo they hold up well to heavy play
Quirky Cat Toys
I have several cats and they love toys, these cute taco themed kitty toys they went crazy for. In no time at all they disappeared from my view and are most likely where they only know. I only got to see them for a few minutes and they sure were cute.
Catnip Toys
My cats are obsessed with these! They love catnip and like to hold them between their paws to rub on their face. They also really like the feather tails. Definitely will be picking up more once they tear these open!
Kitties safety net
My cats are a couple of spunky girls. When I brought the Quirky Kitty toy set nonetheless were happy as can be! Lilly carries them around while meowing, then her sister surprise attacks her. It's so much fun to see the joy these Littles toys bring them. The little feathers tease them and the jingles stimulate their instincts to play. I've already recommended them to my cat loving friends.
My furbabies love!
My 2 kitties love all toys with feathers and especially those that are catnip infused. These were a big hit for them and I liked that they were cute so I didn't mind leaving them out.
Love ittt
Made my cats happy, one of them loves to play fetch with the taco. He would kick itx and just rub all over it. Or i would see it jump between cat to cat to cat just the funniest thing ive ever seen them do, like monkey in the middle almost.
My kitten loves it.
It is the cutest little thing I have ever seen for a cat. My kitten loves playing with it. She goes to it as soon as she wakes up. The fabric is durable as well!
My little girl and her cat had a blast for hours with this toy and still continue to play with it. Durable and my kitty loved it! I think somehow if you made the toys Velcro or some how add a stick to the toys where you can remove them and play with the toys off the stick or make it a stick cat toy with the rope attached
Fun for hours
I recently seen these and decided to try them for my 2 kitties. They loved picking them up and throwing them around. After hours of playing with them I would say my only complaint is they ripped out some of the feathers.
Kitty toys
I love these. If I feed my cats tuna for dinner I wake up with all these toys on my bed
Toys for my 3 cat's
Two of my youngest cats loves them . They wore themselves out playing
Let's Taco'bout it
Our cat loves feathers and small toys to pick up with his claws. We love tacos and thought how funny this product was and right for our cat. These are cute as all get out but sadly the feathers were ripped out really quickly.

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