Dreft Active Baby Detergente Liquido para Lavar Ropa Compatible con HE - 92 oz

4.8 5 0 316 316 El detergente líquido Active Baby está especialmente diseñado pensando en tu bebé en desarrollo. Por eso, ayuda a eliminar el 99% de las manchas de comida de bebé y todos los desastres que el bebé puede encontrar mientras gatea en la hierba y la suciedad. Deja que Dreft Active Baby se encargue de los desastres, para que puedas pasar más tiempo disfrutando de los preciosos momentos de la infancia de tu bebé.
Dreft Active Baby Detergente Liquido para Lavar Ropa Compatible con HE - 92 oz


smells so good and so soft
I love this stuff so much. It smells TOOO good and it leaves the clothes feeling very soft and its nice and smooth on the skin. I have sensitive skin and its not rough on my skin like some detergents after doing laundry.
Good product just pricey
Dreft is a necessity when you are a first time mom. Nothing beats the smell it leaves on your baby clothes. It just smells good! It's good for babies with sensitive skin. It does not take much for a load ..a little goes a long way! Only downside is it is kinda pricey but definitely worth the buy for at least the first few months.
Lovely smell
It smells so good. My kids clothes were soft and stayed smelling wonder for hours after washed. Didn’t leave my washer with a film so loved that for me
Great for sensitive skin
If you are having problems with your babies sensitive skin this makes a big difference. You don't have to worry about dyes and perfumes with this. It seems very natural and doesn't cause skin irritation.
Baby soap
This is absolutely the best soap for baby's sensitive skin. I used this with all my kids and my grandchildren. I would not dream of using anything else but Dreft! It cleans well and smells amazing!!
Draft Laundry Detergent
This product makes my baby skin feel good. With that being said I used it for my other children to see how it made them feel. They love it.
Great product!!!
Love this with my baby. Have used since birth and he’s 6 months now. Leaves clothes smelling great!!!
Good baby soap
This baby soap does and good job and us great for sensitive skin.
Smells awesome
I have used this and baby clothes smell mild and good.. it's soft on clothes and safe.
Excellent for Kids and so much more!
We have been using this detergent since our first child of 3. You simply cannot go wrong with Dreft. It comes at a premium, but Dreft gets our clothes clean and smelling fresh. We tried to move away from Drest to a popular national brand. However, the kids skin started to react to the other brand. That is why we are loyal to Dreft forever.
We love it!
Ever since my two year old started solids it has been my go to for removing all stains! The smell’s amazing and it’s gentle on skin while remaining tough on stains.
Absolutely love this stuff!! It smells amazing and does a great job getting out stains. What really seals the deal for me is that it's safe for my little ones clothes as their skin is super sensitive.
It's true it works
It really works I used it to wash my son's baby clothes in & it did wonders
Baby safe. Mama Smiles
Laundry detergent I'd use on my own clothes. Not only does. It clean and get stains. Dreft gets all my baby's spit up stains out of her clothes without having to scrub. All mothers dreams come true!! But wait...there's more. The smell is even more amazing. But, not the kind of smell you would be afraid to put on your baby. It's a subtle clean scent that just like a natural baby smell. I could sniff it all day. The price is decent because a little goes a long way. It makes the perfect gift for baby showers or even a just because for any new mother!!
New Baby and Toddler
It gave me great peace of mind knowing my baby was getting a gentler touch wearing their clothes as I was washing with this product that limited chemicals. It also provided a nice scent which kept them smelling fresh. I also had another baby shortly after and it was an easy transition from the baby to toddler formula which helped combat stains more. Loved it!

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