CeraVe: Barra Limpiadora Hidratante para Pieles Normales a Secas

4.8 5 0 295 295 Cerave Hydrating Cleansing Bar for Normal to Dry Skin elimina suavemente la suciedad, el aceite y el maquillaje sin alterar la barrera protectora natural de la piel. Las ceramidas ayudan a restaurar la barrera cutánea. Formulado de manera única para limpiar a fondo sin quitarle a la piel su humedad natural. Ayuda a retener la humedad 3 veces más. La fórmula contiene 5 % de crema hidratante CeraVe para hidratar y nutrir la piel.
CeraVe: Barra Limpiadora Hidratante para Pieles Normales a Secas


I like this product
I've used CeraVe products before, such as the foaming facial cleanser and the moisturizing cream, and I've had no trouble with the cleanser but the cream did burn or sting my face sometimes. I've been using this cleansing bar for about a month now and I absolutely love it
I absolutely love the scents and lather this brand provides. It’s on the less costly side compared to other competitors. I also like that it’s unisex, can be found at any grocer, and used on children.
Great on skin
I have extremely dry skin and this bar helped allot. When you finish in the shower your skin doesn’t feel dry. It’s hard water here as well and this bar helped with that. If you gave dry skin you should try this bar.
Favorite cleanser
This is my all time favorite cleanser. I used to only use the cerave hydrating gel cleanser in the pump bottle but picked this up one day at the store to try out. Haven’t gone back to the pump bottle. For some reason I feel like this version of the product works better to cleanse the face, while also using less product. The bar lasts for months without running out and doesn’t strip my face of moisture. I also like how easily portable it is. Instead of needing to transfer some of the cleanser into a small container when flying/ traveling and risking leaks, I can pop the bar into a travel container and take it with me easily. Would 100% recommend to anyone. I wouldn’t normally think to use a bar soap for my face, especially since I have sensitive, breakout prone skin, but I am so glad I did
Clean Clean
This product was the best I’ve used in several years. My skin is truly soap free, soft and stays moisturized all day. I’d recommend it any day.
Cerave cream
A Non-greasy product that is creamy leaving your skin soft and feeling moisturized. My skin absorbed this cream after taking a shower leaving my skin feeling hydrated without it feeling heavy.
Works good
Good product, no scent to it. My son has sensitive skin so this is what they recommend we use. Cleans nicely.
Excellent product of Great Brand CeraVe
All product by CeraVe works great. This Hydrating Cleanser Bar is an another example. My sister has very bad dry skin - her skin actually comes off and she tried all the sensitive skin products, nothing worked for her. Until she tried CeraVe! Now she is using all CeraVe skincare products. It helps to balance skin moisture and hydrates dry skin. It's good for sensitive skin. Love all CeraVe products.
I have dry skin but I no longer do. This is wonderful. Helps my skin out. Love it.
Great moisturizer
Love it great for my eczema, and my sons dry skin also
CeraVe - A product you can count on
I use several CeraVe products daily. This is a good addition to the moisturizing products I use. As a cleanser, it leaves a good soft foundation to layer moisture cream on.
Saved my skin
I was suffering from moderate acne my face products were a lot of my problem. I switched to survey face cleanser which doesn't leave my skin feeling really dry but cleans well and cleans my makeup off also in my face cleared up a ton!! I will always use cereve no I'll never go back to my previous soap or face products
Best Soap for Ultra Sensitive Skin
My son has very sensitive skin. Regular scented soaps makes his skin irritated, itchy, Changed to Cerve cleared his skin! No more itchy flakes! Love it!
Excellent product
I have used this soap previously, and I find it very good for my sensitive dry skin I would highly recommend and I will definitely be buying!!

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